The Harder Truth on hawker food

In Political economy on 25/10/2018 at 10:16 am

Further to The Hard Truth about hawker food

Will S’poreans still love (and eat) our hawker food if it’s no longer cheap because hawkers are paid more?

What if the Hard Truth is that they (especially the anti_PAP cybernuts from TRE love the food because hawkers are exploited in the making and selling of the food?

(My musings)

Seriously, here’s what doctor turned fatcat rentier said responding to the above link

Depends how serious govt views social impact of cooked / prepared food.

S’pore society today relies a lot more on buying prepared food as compared to 2 or even just 1 generation ago.

If govt treats having cheap prepared food as important as public healthcare, then there would need to be overt rent & price controls. No 2 ways about it.

The economic & social conditions that pushed people into hawking in the olden days is completely different from the economic, social & corporate realities today.

His solution to keep food cheap?

Just like foodcourt stalls, govt will eventually need to allow 3rd world foreigners (who are willing to accept much lower wages) to operate hawker centre stalls.

Er tot PRC reds already doing this illegally and using dog meat (from killed strays) to make char siew?

  1. can find cheap & good food in jb, johor ?

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