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KPKBing about 6-month wait to see specialist in Changi General Hospital. He refuses to try to make an appt at some other public hospital because he lives in Tampines and wants convenience of CGH.

Well then sit down and shut up.

Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for Health, mentioned in Parliament last week that the median waiting time for new subsidised specialist appointments has improved from 28 days in 2013 to 22 days in the first half of this year.

My personal experience did not seem to show this. On Nov 20, I happened to call Changi General Hospital (CGH) for an appointment for my chronic neck pain as a new subsidised patient referred by a clinic under the Community Health Assist Scheme (Chas).

To my surprise, the earliest appointment is on May 23, 2019, exactly 180 days of waiting to see a specialist.

In disbelief, I asked the staff member to double-check because I thought it is impossible that the waiting time is so long.

Unhappy anti-PAP user of SingHealth

Reminds me of an anti-PAP heavy user of SingHealth. He says he does not expect to have to wait to see a specialist once he has registered. I asked him if he ever had to wait to see a private specialist: he kept quiet. I later upset him by telling him that I no longer had to wait to see the GP in Marine Parade Polyclinic. At the appointed time, I see the doctor. What I didn’t tell him is that I scheduled the appointment at 2 pm: first one to see doctor.



  1. Probably should first try a better pillow. He has 6 monthd to shop for a right kind

  2. White horse will not be a “new subsidised patient referred by a clinic under the Community Health Assist Scheme (Chas)”.

    Historical relationship between SAF and CGH — formerly the SAF Changi Hospital. CGH also has long historical reputation for sports medicine (run by a semi-celebrity former sailing sportsman Dr) & orthopaedics — the kind of musculoskeletal injuries most common in SAF.

    Actually if his neck/spine pain related to nerve, then good to have it checked out at TTSH — they specialize in neurology.

  3. I agree with u. This is called being able to adapt. If u r rly serious abt seeing a doc asap, u would rush to get a new appt elsewhere? Regardless if one is a PAP supporter or not, one must b practical in life. There r choices everywhere for u to get a faster appt, its whether u r willing to make do with sacrifices?

    But of cus there r cases where going to public hospitals is a too long wait for patients with life threatening diseases(eg waiting for CT scan, cancer scan), that one is will be good if u can go pte hospital…

    The reality is that our public hospital has a decent standard, but with everybody using it( cus its affordable), the wait will definitely be long….

  4. I got mine appt within a month and its in SGH and NHC. if they deem serious, the time to see a specialist is very fast. The CGH case most likely not a serious one.

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