Why S’poreans keep voting for the PAP (cont’d)

In Political governance, Public Administration on 01/12/2018 at 2:10 pm

Another way of putting what I said in Why PAP’s cock-ups don’t matter to most voters most of the time is that

We react to real events when and after they happen

Voters cannot be persuaded of that which has yet to be felt.

(Can’t remember where I came across this)

Until things start going badly wrong, then voters will turn against the PAP explaining partly why Why access to the truth has not set S’poreans free

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  1. As has been mentioned before, majority of Sinkies have seen good wage increases in the last few years, as PAPies slipped the floodgates a couple inches tighter from 2012.

    MSM recently highlighted the wage acceleration in the last 5 years (2014-2018) as compared to the previous 5 (2009-2013). Recent wage growth has been over 2X the inflation rate.

    Only a relatively small percentage of Sinkies have ended up worse off from 2012 till today. And frankly, while they can be vocal on social media, their numbers mean that PAPies can show the middle finger to them.

    As for HDB issue, I’ve said before that it’ll be closer to 2030 before it really shifts into the frontal lobes of the plebs.

    Very high probability of PAPies getting at least 67% (or 2/3 voter majority) in next year’s GE.

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