Why PAP govt don’t dare sink a M’sian ship

In Malaysia, S'pore Inc on 13/12/2018 at 11:06 am

PAP will lose power if naval comdr is like Desmond Kwek: sure to sink ownself instead of M’sian ship.


Err what if Desmond Kuek in charge of ops to protect water supplies?Jialat. Ops sure fail like SMRT when he in charge lei and we will die of shame before we die of thirst. He could be in charge because he got no job and PAP govt always looks after scholars and generals.

I tot these tots when in response to Why sink a M’sian vessel, a well informed reader responded to Chris K’s point about Tun cutting off our water.

Cutting off water supply is as good as a preemptive military strike on S’pore i.e. S’pore will likely strike without much clarification with the M’sian side. Will likely see mass open mobilisation within 24 hrs. Those of us who did NS in the 80s & earlier will recall the many times exercises both in the field & table top where the scenario is “forward defense” or basically invasion & control of certain JB areas. There’s a good reason why we have so many LSTs & why we practice so much for beach invasions & seaborne attacks. 😉 With today’s hardware, S’pore will likely follow US style — predawn attacks by airforce & SF from 2-3am onwards to capitalise on SAF night vision superiority, intense electronic jamming & counter elec warfare, followed by saturation artillery & rocket bombardments and follow on by armor & mechanized troops by dawn and/or seaborne invasions on JB coastline. S’pore will count on having localised air superiority & airborne radar and drone recon. Plenty of deaths on both sides though.

Btw, I told Chris K that I doubted Tun could find the taps to cut the water flow.

Btw2, I partially disagree with “Plenty of deaths on both sides though.”. The whole aim of US-style “shock and awe” to to scare the hell out of the enemy’s ground troops. and mats are not exactly Roman legionaires, Spartans or Vikings or Japanese infantry. The heavy casualties will come later when S’pore has to defend the water infrastructure against Muslim jihadists drawn to the battle against enemies of  Islam: bit like the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.


  1. That was the sort of response I was gagging to receive – a military strike which kinda prove we have plenty of armchair generals who forgot von Clausewitz’s dictum – war is the extension of politics by other means. There is no military solution unless Singapore sees itself occupying Johore for eternity and even that is no political solution.

  2. 🙂 Everyone knows S’pore can’t fight a protracted war. Anybody who did NS would know that the overriding SAF strategy is deterrence, failing which is to bring maximum force to bear in order to secure a protective barrier outside the main island within 3-5 days or so. The barrier is to buy time for S’pore to scream like a girl at the UN & go thru backend horse trading with US for their cavalry.

    This strategy won’t work if the enemy has overwhelming numbers & not particularly concerned about deaths & losses. Much like Stalin who just threw 3 million troops, tanks & planes to conquer a single city (Berlin) and suffered 50% casualties. Afterall he had another 15+ million troops for the rest of Germany.

    It’s also a given that if the main fighting enters S’pore main island itself, the war is as good as lost. The only outcome will be another Alamo or Dien Bien Phu or Berlin 1945 or S’pore 1942.

  3. how many of the 1.6 million “ft” men working here are now regretting their decision to work here ?

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