Why Oxygen and other cybernuts are having orgasms this Christmas

In Financial competency, Financial planning, Property on 25/12/2018 at 4:17 am

They are always wishing ill to striving S’poreans, some of whom are having problems this Christmas, and so making Oz tax dodger Oxygen and his other cybernuts pals really very happy.

The number of properties put up for auction surged by almost 50 per cent this year compared with 2017, even as the number that successfully went under the hammer fell sharply.

There was a rush of listings in the final three months of this year, with more than a third put up in the fourth quarter, according to data released by property consultancy Knight Frank on Friday (Dec 21).

There were 1,120 properties put up for auction — the highest since 2011 — a 47.4 per cent increase from the 760 listings last year.

Out of the 1,120 listings, 41.9 per cent were residential properties, 22.9 per cent were retail units and 24.8 per cent industrial properties.

But let’s be fair to these cybernuts. Only greedy PAP voters who are the cousins of cybernuts mortgage themselves to their eyebrows eyebrows and beyond.

Whatever, Merry Christmas to all.

And ensure a Prosperous New Year by voting wisely. And I don’t mean voting for Mad Dog, Lim Tean or Meng Seng.


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