Even star TOC columnist thinks the PAP way

In Political governance on 20/01/2019 at 7:51 am

What’s the assumption behind this for Ghui, star columnist for TOC?

it is important to note that Heng will have a sharp learning curve. Unlike PM Lee and former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, Heng has not spent years waiting in the wings. He only entered politics in 2011 and was made a minister immediately after his win at the general elections in 2011. With only 7 years or so under his belt and without the benefit of having spent years as a member of parliament (MP), does Heng have all the experience necessary to lead the country?

That’s right, she, like the PAP, believes that S’pore must have experienced leaders and political succession must be planned and managed. She seems to like the Chinese way, juz the the PAP.

“Why CCP’s fears are PAP’s fears”

Keeping power in a one-party state


Bit strange this because going by her other articles, she’s a progressive (not an ang moh tua kee) that believes that S’pore should be a liberal democracy.

Well in the Western liberal democracies, it isn’t a given that the government is always led by experienced, tested leaders.

Look at the US: Obama and then Trump became presidents with no prior experience in government. Along the way, they beat people with plenty of experience of govt (think Hilary Clinton).

And there’s France’s Macron.

And the UK’s PM is a great example of an experienced minister proving to be a useless leader.

As to succession being planned and managed, the whole purpose of meaningful elections in a liberal democracy, is that the Opposition, can become the govt. Managed change? What managed change? Two of the most successful govts in the UK this century came only after long periods in opposition (Labour 1997-2010 and Conservative/ Lib Dem 2010- 2015). There were practically no ministers who had previous ministerial experience.

My point is that the PAP has been in power so long that their Hard Truths are accepted uncritically by their critics or opponents, even those, who like Ghui, think. The anti-PAP cybernuts like the alcohol drinking, pork-eating, religious “bapak” from TREland or Terry’s Indian goons are even bigger believers in Hard Truths. They only want to their snouts, not the PAP ministers in the troughs.

  1. this “ghost” writer is based overseas ?

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