No surplus B2 and C beds in govt hospitals

In Political governance, Public Administration on 25/01/2019 at 9:34 am

When Secret Squirrel visited my mum in hospital, he told me that we were really lucky that my mum had breathing problems during office hrs and that since there was a longish queue for B2 and C beds in the nearest govt hospital, the ambulance took her to an atas hospital: Private hospital treatment, public hospital fees.

He said the govt hospitals do not have spare C and B2 beds: they are juggling fluctuating demand with existing capacity. There are always patients going to be discharged and beds waiting to be made ready for new patients, and so while the supply and demand match over 24 hrs or as usual less, there’s always a waiting period for a bed: sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

He told me that last weekend, a walk-in patient at the NUH A&E had to wait 10 hrs before getting a bed in a ward. Luckily, for him (Election yr?), there are now fully equipped rooms in govt hospital A&E departments that are effectively wards: transit wards. This helps give peace of mind to patients and their families, and avoids the bad PR of patients on stretchers in A&E corridors.

(Though I’m sure Alex Tan and other irresponsible anti-PAP people in alt media or social media will publish photos of patients on stretchers A&E corridors, saying that this is happening now. Doubtless Uncle Leong and friends will share such photos. And so there’ll be plenty to keep AG’s lawyers and ministers’ private lawyers busy.)

Contrary to what the cybernuts say, the PAP cares: at least to do enough to win 65% of the votes. The reason why: Why PAP aiming for 65% of the popular vote.

Vote wisely.

There are many things to be unhappy about the PAP govt

— no balls to sink M’sian ships

— MRT still screwed up

— Pay And Pay policies on water and GST

— SAF training deaths

— arrogance etc etc.

And there are good oppo people out there like Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Dr Paul and other SDP activists, the Chiams, and the Wankers.

But there are the likes of Mad Dog, Goh Meng Seng and Lim Tean.

Soon I’ll blog on how AMK voters voted wisely in 2006 (PM only had 66% of the popular vote) and got extra goodies by the next GE. In 2011, voters were happy, and PM was happy with the result (70% of the popular vote, in an otherwise bad yr for the PAP: only 60% of the popular vote).




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