Why S’poreans continue voting for the PAP to have 2/3 of parly seats

In Political governance, Public Administration on 05/03/2019 at 1:35 pm

Interesting graphic that shows that S’pore scores well on well-being axis.

Explains why despite Terry’s Indian Goons, Correspondent or Ghui, all from TOC,  and the cybernuts ranters from TRE, The Indians Idiots, other alt media outlets and FB, 60- 70% S’poreans keep on supporting the PAP.

Rather than juz KPKB maybe these anti-PAP types should try explaining how S’pore “fixes” its high score on the Well Being axis.

Chart from

Vote wisely. And I don’t mean Mad Dog, Lim Tean or Meng Seng. But pls remember the SDP is more than Mad Dog.

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