In trouble: Must be Bill Ng’s footie club again LOL

In Footie on 06/03/2019 at 9:59 am

Hougang United Football Club, one of nine clubs in the professional football league, has filed a police report against an employee after losing S$278,200 from its coffers.

A female administrative staff member, Tean Tai Tee, allegedly misappropriated the sales revenue from the clubhouse between Nov 29 and Dec 11 last year. Tean, 25, was subsequently arrested by the police and charged in court on Dec 16 with criminal breach of trust.

MSM late last week

Chairman of the club is one Bill Ng. Who he? The wannabe saviour of S’pore footie (Bill’s Game Changers trying to avoid 41 – 3 thrashing) who was arrested and is out on bail.

Sport Singapore filing a police report against National Football League side TBFC for suspected misuse of club funds and a purported attempt by a senior club official to obstruct the completing of audits of the league’s sit-out clubs.

TBFC and Hougang chairman Bill Ng and his wife Bonnie Wong, former FAS general secretary Winston Lee and former FAS president Zainudin Nordin were subsequently arrested.

Details that emerged from the case also shocked members of the fraternity, as TBFC was found to have earned S$37 million from its clubhouse operations while spending just S$169,000 on its football team.


Bill Ng: S’pore footie’s ang pow king

Bill the “donation” king/ A friend in need is not a friend indeed?


As he, his wife, ex-FAS senior official and ex-MP have yet to be charged, or the cases dropped by the police, maybe it’s time for human rights activists to KPKB about persecution etc? They were arrested and released on bail almost a yr ago: Bill Ng, wife, ex-FAS president and FAS gen sec arrested.

That’s a long time ago. In the normal course of events, they should be charged or cleared.

Fat chance of ang moh tua kees KPKBing on their behalf. Human rights activists (think Maruah) don’t do rich people or alleged terrorists, only drug traffickers (or alleged ones), middle class ang moh tua kees like themselves, or FTs: Human rights kay pohs don’t do “fixers” and “jihadists”.


Amos’s lament about ang moh tua kees who “Talk the cock but don’t walk the cock”: Amos: Only mum is still a fan.


I’ll end by asking for some help. Could someone who has access to ST’s premium service, copy and past the u/m article in the comments section to this article (Scan article also can do). Need to confirm what I think the article said. There’s another Bill Ng story in the writing, if I get access to the article.

Football: Albirex Niigata go down to Chinatown People’s Park, Football News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

The controversial clubhouse at the centre of last year’s Football Association of Singapore (FAS) election donation saga will reopen today under the new ownership of Singapore Premier League (SPL …

  1. The controversial clubhouse at the centre of last year’s Football Association of Singapore (FAS) election donation saga will reopen today under the new ownership of Singapore Premier League (SPL) champions Albirex Niigata.

    The 3,735.08 sq ft corner unit in Chinatown’s People’s Park Centre was formerly used by amateur outfit Tiong Bahru Football Club (TBFC), which collected $36.8 million in revenue from its 29 slot machines in the 2015-16 financial year.

    It paid about $80,000 in monthly rent to landlord Polygon Ventures. Bonnie Wong, wife of TBFC’s chairman Bill Ng, was listed as a majority shareholder of Polygon.

    TBFC was forced to close the facility in April after failing to meet the Ministry of Home Affairs’ (MHA) updated guidelines for clubs with jackpot machines.

    Ng remains at the centre of an ongoing Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) investigation that led to several raids, including TBFC’s facilities, in April last year.

    Sources reveal that Albirex, who are bidding for a hat-trick of local league titles, are paying about $70,000 in monthly rent for the two adjacent units in Chinatown.

    “It’s expensive, yes. But we want to contribute more to Singapore football, so we need money. But it makes financial sense, and other clubs like Warriors FC and NTUC also wanted to come in for it,” Albirex chairman Daisuke Korenaga told The Straits Times.

    Albirex closed their clubhouse at Toa Payoh Central last Sunday. They currently operate 17 jackpot machines, but this will be reduced to 15 by the end of next year, owing to MHA regulations. The new clubhouse will feature a darts bar that serves alcohol, run by a third party which has sub-let the space.


    Rent Albirex Niigata will be paying to operate an initial 17 jackpot machines at their clubhouse premises formerly occupied by Tiong Bahru Football Club.

    Korenaga said: “This year the SPL subsidy has gone down by about half for us, so even though we have 50 sponsors, a football school and a cheerleading school, we have to make sure our other revenue streams are strong.”

    The FAS provides a total annual subsidy of around $1 million to the six local SPL clubs. Albirex, which is a satellite team of a J2 League side with the same name, is understood to receive less than half that amount though the exact amount is not known.

    Albirex joined the SPL in 2004 and have traditionally fielded only Japanese players until this season, when they signed two Singaporeans, attacking midfielder Adam Swandi and goalkeeper Shahul Rayyan.

    The 22-year-old Adam has impressed with two goals and five assists, helping the Japanese club maintain their perfect record. They have won all 16 matches this campaign. Albirex plan to send Adam to their parent club in Niigata for trials in September.

    “We’ve been very happy with Adam’s progress, he’s playing more maturely, he’s more hardworking, getting game time, and we think he’s improved well enough to see if he can earn a contract there,” said Korenaga. “We hope he can be the first Singaporean footballer to play in Japan.”

    Last year, Albirex were relegated from the top-tier J1 League. Atsushi Kawata, the 2016 SPL’s player of the year, was the last man to join Albirex’s parent club.

    “I’m optimistic that we can be equally successful with other players. We want to take more in the next season, and we started talking about this last year,” added Korenaga.

    ST understands that Albirex wants to double the number of Singaporeans on its roster, and talks with FAS president Lim Kia Tong have been positive.

    The club also have a long-standing partnership with the local fraternity, through the Yuhua Community Sports Club. They established the Yuhua-Albirex Football Academy in 2014, and have over the past five years donated $92,836 to Yuhua CSC, $1 for every spectator who came through the doors at Jurong East Stadium each season.

    Moving to Chinatown represents a step into the unknown but Albirex vice-chairman Koh Mui Tee was optimistic.

    He said: “We acknowledge the risk involved, but it is important for our next step to increase our contributions to Singapore football, and we are positive about the move.

    “One thing is certain, the funds generated from the clubhouse will go towards funding our efforts in football. Our focus is on Singapore football, and will always be on Singapore football.”

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