The loneliness of a TRE cybernut

In Holidays and Festivals on 07/03/2019 at 2:39 pm

A TRE cybernut was really lonely during the Chinese New Years hols: with no kaki to spend time with, he had to go online to kill time. LOL.

Recently, someone told me that when TRE used M’sian minister thinks M’sian drivers tua kee, a cybernut called rukidding kept posting comments attacking me etc. His various posts taken together were longer then my post which was mainly a “copy and paste” job from a CNA article, juz adding my usual insight, sardonic insight. I was really in a hurry because guests were coming on the first day of CNY.

What was really pathetic is that he was posting comments on the second day of CNY (the day TRE used the piece). Got no one to visit him? Or no-one to visit? Or worse he ethnic minority without any Chinese pals to visit? Or he too uncouth for them to invite him. Meanwhile “bapak” was boozing and eating pork.

Whatever rukidding can only go online isit?

He needs loneliness pill? Akan datang: Pill for loneliness.

Or time for him to get a dog. Doubtless, he’ll soon be charged for cruelty: dog has to eat what he has to eat.

With enemies like him, the PAP will rule forever and a day.



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