No need to worry about climate change

In Environment on 10/04/2019 at 4:32 am

Trump is right about that even if he’s wrong about the reason

There’s a silver bullet that the climate Nazis (his most bitter enemies are legion among this bunch of progressives) don’t talk about because they want us to cut back very drastically energy use. They want the third world to remain third world.

Around the world, a number of companies are racing to develop the technology that can draw down carbon. Swiss company Climeworks is already capturing CO2 and using it to boost vegetable production.

Carbon Engineering says that its direct air capture (DAC) process is now able to capture the gas for under $100 a tonne.

With its new funding, the company plans to build its first commercial facilities. These industrial-scale DAC plants could capture up to one million tonnes of CO2 from the air each year.

  1. Just like Peak Oil — the cure for high price(climate) is higher prices (worse climate).

    When a profit margin level is crossed, humans will innovate a solution.

  2. The Chinese navy can soon use the polar route to reach Europe, bypassing Gibraltar, suez, malacca where the can be easily blocked. That’s when rightwingers will all start to believe in global warming

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