UK got this right, S’pore wrong

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Recently it was reported on FB that a scooter user who ran into a a boy, punched the boy and his father.

This reminded me that in the UK, electric scooters are illegal on British streets and pavements under a law dating back to the 19th Century. The regular reports of collisions in S’pore between pedestrians and electric scooters show that something must be done about the use of electric scooters. What about banning them? UK is no less hip for banning them.

Or COEs are needed to use them? Or making users pass a test like car drivers and motor cycle riders? Maximum speed is fixed by manufacturer or importer.

Registering them is not enough.

Two very serious accidents

In 2016: A 19-year-old electric scooter rider who collided into a pedestrian, leaving her with brain injuries and in a coma, was given a short detention order and community service in 2018.

In 2018, a woman was knocked down by a man riding an e-scooter along Bedok Reservoir Road. The woman sustained head injuries as a result of the accident, and was admitted to the intensive care unit at Changi General Hospital.

Hopefully stricter measures will be taken before a pedestrian is killed.

It’s not as though normal regular S’poreans will be affected. Morocco Mole’s second cousin removed in the traffic police says that all the above three offenders and others are known readers and ranters on TOC, TRE and FATPAP.


  1. I agree with u. Sg should jus ban these e scooters, like in uk.

    However, many of those food delivery personnel livelihoods will be affected.

    Do u know in uk, those motorcyclists who r on L plate can still do food delivery while taking their driving license?

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