Hard Truth about MSM

In Media on 23/04/2019 at 4:22 am

They reflect the conventional wisdom of the society they live in.

Most pundits in elite media know they don’t know much; their historical function is to be the mouthpiece of accredited establishment experts. If economists had told us Brexit would work, or climate scientists had dismissed global warming, we’d have believed them. But they didn’t.

FT’s footie corespondent

So let’s be a bit kind to the ass lickers (and worse) in ST and other constructive, nation-building publications.

  1. The main difference is ability /culture of challenging establishment decree & associated repercussions.

    That’s why MSM minions here defer to self preservation & self enrichment even though many know better.

    They only speak their mind when their well-being & standard of living no longer beholden to the establishment.

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