Nas not only FT who thinks S’pore is a great place

In Environment on 27/04/2019 at 10:53 am

So do the otters.

OK, to be fiar most of our younger otters are born here, but the older otters are FTs like Nas.

If you have been following OtterCity and OtterWatch on FB, you will notice we only publish and write about our otters in the wild.

For those whom have had the opportunity to see and observe our otters here, they will know how free-spirited the animals are; they require lots of social and family support from their own kind and need lots of space to move around – they have been observed to swim up to 10 km from Bishan Park to Marina reservoir in a single morning.

We are glad that in Singapore, we enjoy seeing our otters in the wild, watching how they roam, feeding and socialising as a family. We feel happy when they are in such happiest state of freedom, mind and space.

“There’s something about otters moving together as a family – squeaking, diving and catching fish – that really excites people,” Sivasothi (aka Otterman) said. “Singaporeans are beginning to look at the water again.”

And here’s why they’ll vote for the PAP. It’s all Goh Meng Seng’s fault (With enemy like him, PAP need not worry: think the last presidential election where he persuaded Tan Kin Lian to stand thereby helping PAP get it’s preferred candidate elected. Our very own Wu Sangui see Silence of Goh Meng Sen):

As to why the Bishan and Marina families hate Goh Meng Seng, it’s because because if he had his way there wouldn’t be today’s Bishan Park. After GE 2011, he KPKBed that the PAP town council running Bishan was squandering money which the town council didn’t have to develop Bishan Park.

As usual the talk cock, sing king promised to monitor developments there and highlight the cock-ups. He never did, But to be fair to him, he may have realised that he was wrong about the lack of money. But that would be a first, Meng Seng realising that he got things wrong.

Coming back to the otters: Pa and Ma Bishan otters who migrated from Johor would never have had Bishan Park as a home base if the PAP hadn’t developed the park against Goh Meng Seng’s advice.

For those who don’t follow the otter tales, the Bishan family (FT Pa, Ma and their S’pore born kids) kicked the Marina Bay family (true blue S’poreans though descended from FT otters also) out of Marina Bay and moved there Eventually the Marina Bay otters found their way to the Lower Peirce Reservoir and now regularly visit the now vacated Bishan Park.

Coming back to Meng Seng. The adult Bishan and Marina otters tell misbehaving pups that if they are naughty Meng Seng will eat them.

Why otters support the PAP and (some) hate Meng Seng

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