Data protection the PAP way

In Internet, Public Administration on 01/06/2019 at 10:42 am

S’pore has begun a public consultation on proposed changes to its Personal Data Protection Act.

There are also proposed changes to allow a business to use personal data for business innovation purposes without needing consent.

FT quotes Anne Petterd, a principal at Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow, a law firm

Data protection? What data protection?

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  1. That’s why I find it stupid of UK & other angmohs to invite PAPies for their hearings against the tech & social media companies on “fake news”.

    They have totally different ideologies & intents. The angmohs (including the yanks but counterbalanced by a very powerful profits incentive) are concerned about privacy, data protection & misuse of personal data.

    PAPies otoh are just basically concerned about narratives unflattering to themselves, hacking of govt data & actions affecting companies’ profits. Any incidents of personal data / privacy infringements are just convenient ammo to be used by PAPies to push their real purpose.

    There have been a few cases of companies (mainly non-tech) being fined for flouting PDPA. By the letter of the law, they couldn’t wriggle or lawyer their way out. In pro-biz S’pore this obviously is anathema to the spirit of the culture & hence the proposed changes (no doubt with heavy backroom lobbying by businesses).

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