West’s ‘human rights superiority complex’

In Uncategorized on 30/06/2019 at 12:23 pm

African version of our Harry criticises West’s ‘human rights superiority complex’.

From a BBC report

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has termed criticism of his country’s human rights record as “rubbish” and “ridiculous” in an interview with French TV broadcaster France24.

He said that Rwanda was a different country compared to what it was 25 years ago.

He challenged the programme’s host to look at what he called Europe’s failing human rights record, especially its treatment of migrants.

“[Europe] is violating people’s rights, with this problem of people being bundled and sent back to sink in the Mediterranean and so many people being mistreated in your own country,” he said.

Mr Kagame added that the West’s criticisms was tinged with a superiority complex:

“You really need to stop this superiority complex nonsense about human rights.

“You think you are the only ones who respect human rights, all others are about violating human rights. No, we’ve fought for human rights and freedoms for our people much better [than] you people who keep talking about this nonsense.”

Well so long as there are ang mog tua kees like Kirsten Han, PJ Thum and cybernut Oxygen (big funder of TRE even though he is refugee from S’pore living in Oz for yrs and yrs) who can blame the West for superiority complex? West’s ass gets licked by these ang moh tua kees.


  1. I’m sure if Kagame is a refugee, he’ll rather be mistreated by European immigration & police, instead of some African immigration & police LOL.

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