Buying homes the billionaire way: two luxury homes are better than one

In Property, Reits on 28/07/2019 at 1:50 pm

Sir James Dyson (Ang moh who bot S$73.8m flat) will purchase his second luxury property according to a report in ST

It says that the S$45m (US$33m) has an infinity pool and indoor waterfall.

The purchase comes after his company moved its HQ from the UK to S’pore: Ang moh manufacturer employs more people here than in China and planning to employ a lot more is to build the first of its electric cars in Singapore, choosing the country over the UK and China..

Earlier this month he bought what is S’pore’s biggest and most expensive penthouse. BT reported that he paid S$73.8m (US$54m) for the “super penthouse”, which has views of Marina Bay Sands and the financial district.

Wonder what TRE’s Oxygen thinks about these purchases. He’s been saying property here is a “sell” ever since he started posting in TRE (at least 8 yrs ago). And he also says the end of PAP rule is nigh.

Meanwhile, I look at my bank statement, see the income from reits and smile.

  1. With 5-year tax-free HQ operations in S’pore, he can afford to put some of that savings into “play play properties”.

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