Crazy Indian

In Uncategorized on 11/08/2019 at 5:47 pm

He wanted an Indian/ British car, not a German car.

An Indian man angered at getting a BMW for his birthday – instead of a Jaguar – pushed the new vehicle into a river, the BBC reported.

Beemers cost around 3.5m rupees locally, with Jaguars costing about 4-5m rupees. Still, Beemers are a lot more reliable than Jaguars which are after all made by a British company owned by an Indian company.

  1. British company only in name. German CEO from BMW. British car factories are better than the ones in Germany apparently. Indian guy reminded me of the Indian tourist at Burberry New Bond Street where he complained the new line of wears don’t come with the logo but with the original “Thomas Burberry” on it. Lol!

    • LOL. I think Beemers sold in India are made in South Africa. Wonder where the ones here are made. Chinese Beemers were made in USA.

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