Taking back National Day from the PAP

In Holidays and Festivals on 11/08/2019 at 4:08 am

A few yrs ago, it was fashionable in the runup to National Day for S’poreans (ordinary Bengs, Ahmads, Muthus and Gregoes, and anti-PAP cybernuts) to moan that the PAP has wrapped itself round the flag and that National Day has been stolen from us. There would articles about why S’poreans were no longer willing to fly the flag around this time of the yr, and how grassroot leaders paid FTs to go round putting up flags. Btw, I’ve not seen any such article this yr.

Whatever, the spate of images and videos on social media by ordinary S’poreans  this yr show that S’poreans have reclaimed National Day from the PAP.

Here are  a few examples to show that S’poreans have made sure that National Day is ours also, not juz for the PAP.

Two good videos follow. There’s a good one from UOB that I can’t find: it shares the experiences of ordinary S’poreans about  National Day. Of course it’s a corporate video but it’s good: very people centric. Maybe that’s why it has disappeared. No plugs for the bank or the PAP govt.

Enjoy these two videos. Any other good ones?


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