Heathcare: PAP thinks its no longer a vote losing issue?

In Political governance, Public Administration on 20/08/2019 at 10:31 am

Taz the impression I get after PM didn’t seem to talk about healthcare (Am I right? Speeches like his make me brain dead after five minutes: now his pa could keep me interested) during his National Day Rally speech.

Maybe because he thinks, S’pore is not a bad spot to be in, despite concerns about old age healthcare ( if one looks at medical inflation. But look at Korea, Taiwan and HK (But then the first two are democracies while HK is full of forceful and vocal people* albeit sometimes violent except when it comes to housing. They seem resigned to their expensive, rat holes.)

Seriously, he and PAP must think that the following measures have detoxified the issue

Pioneer Generation benefits: Are you better off now than you were in 2011?

Reasons why our healthcare should be better, a lot better:


Access to healthcare here: Below average

Controlling costs:

Healthcare: user fees drives up costs

See who’s telling govt to control healthcare costs/ What we be should be KPKBing about

Cost of medicine could be cheaper:

Healthcare: Who is subsidising whom?

But we ain’t as bad as anti-PAP cybernuts make it out to be:

Foreigner praises S’pore’s healthcare

Healthcare: France 1st, S’pore 2nd

Pioneer Generation benefits: Are you better off now than you were in 2011?

Finally, great idea to improve the system, while collecting more money: Healthcare: Gd lateral thinking in UK

* “Tell everyone that we Hong Kong people are patient!We will get what we want, ”, shouted a protester at a 1.7m strong peaceful rally on Sunday at Victoria Park.


  1. No worries! The work-till-70 policy is meant to solve CoL issues including healthcare. PAPies have distilled it to a money no enough problem. And sinkies are willing to work until drop dead. Looks like 70%-75% showing for PAPies next GE.

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