Haze: PAP govt cares, they really do

In Environment, Public Administration on 21/09/2019 at 9:41 am

Singapore – with a population of less than six million – reportedly has a national stockpile of 16 million disposable masks

Vote wisely.

No reason for “P” (where “P” stands for “Politician”) Ravi to stir the pot like he did yrs ago when there was a really bad spell of haze and he kanna whacked real hard: P Ravi’s reposting: What the govt should have done.

Btw, PAP missed a trick. P Ravi shows how PAP govt policies when he was young helped him: The real Ravi Superhero.

  1. SG stockpiles 16 million masks, but it doesn’t provide free lunch. You’re still expected to buy them LOL! SG works behind the scenes to ensure more than adequate supplies, supply chains are well oiled, and no profiteering.

    Neighburing 3rd world countries need politicians to make PR blitz to walk the streets giving out free masks. Supply chains are fragmented with main cities & govt units having roughly adequate supplies while smaller towns & countryside are left to their own devices.

    E.g. 16M masks for SG versus 500K masks for epicentre of forest fires in Sarawak

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