Water: M’sia takes us to the cleaners/ What? Shades of Oxleygate?

In Infrastructure, Malaysia on 02/10/2019 at 10:35 am

Over water issues with M’sia, the PAP govt is still playing nice guy. Or to be more accurate, roll over and play dead.

Our constructive, nation-building CNA reports (emphasis mine), not Terry Online’s Channel bunch of M’sian Indian goons trying to fix S’pore by destabilising bi-lateral ties by publishing fake news, reports this disturbing news:

“Singapore built the Linggiu Reservoir at a cost of more than S$300 million to enable reliable abstraction of water at PUB’s Johor River Waterworks (JRWW),” the agency [My note: PUB] said in a media release.

However, Malaysia has built water plants upstream of the JRWW, which have further added to the abstraction of water from the Johor River.

“This challenging situation is exacerbated during dry weather, as PUB needs to discharge more water from Linggiu Reservoir to support water abstraction.

“In the event of a prolonged drought, a depleted Linggiu Reservoir will compromise Singapore’s right to abstract our full 250 million gallons per day (mgd) entitlement of water under the 1962 Water Agreement.”

Under the 1962 agreement, which lasts until 2061, Singapore has full and exclusive right to draw up to 250 million gallons of water daily from the Johor River at the price of 3 sen per 1,000 gallons.


So why we playing nice guy? We continue giving Johor more cheap water then required to out of “goodwill” to ingrates (Johor officials always saying water agreement is unfair and should be cancelled):

Singapore is also required to supply Johor with 5 mgd of treated water under the agreement. But in practice, the Republic has been supplying 16 mgd of treated water to Johor at the state’s request, PUB said.

On Saturday, PUB revealed that from Sept 23 to Sept 27, it has been supplying an additional 6 mgd of treated water, on top of the 16 mgd that it already supplies. This is upon Johor’s request, as the state had seen a disruption in production at its water plant in Skudai, PUB said.

“Johor made similar requests this year in January and August. Last year, Singapore supplied additional water in excess of the usual 16 mgd for 20 days,” PUB said.

The water agency added that it has supplied all the additional treated water above 5 mgd on a “goodwill basis” at the same price as under the 1962 agreement of 50 sen per 1,000 gallons — a fraction of the cost of treating the water.


Goodwill? What goodwill? With the M’sian and Johor authorities forever trying to cause trouble,

Tun manufacturing another row to stir his anti-PAP S’porean fans?

M’sian minister thinks M’sian drivers tua kee

Let’s gloat at Tun as he threatens us,

we should stick to the letter of the law.

PM should stand up to Tun. No more nice guy. No more rolling over and playing dead. Like he did over Oxleygate, where he should have sued his siblings: Riposte to “Blood is thicker than water” and other BS reasons not to sue.

What PAP and PMs always did before Oxleygate: Why PAP (and PMs) sue and sue.

And do remember that Mad Dog always says S’pore is unfair to its neighbours. Surely, not in this case?


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