PAP govt keeps us safe from terror killings, they really do

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The Muslim ( He converted to Islam 10 years ago ) knife attacker who killed four of his colleagues at Paris police headquarters last week reminded me that London (Population of more than 8m) has more Muslims than S’pore, and Paris and Brussels have more in % terms : Muslims: Fun fact.

We know that violent Muslims have killed and maimed people (the Paris killings is just the latest example), and damaged property in all three cities and that in return there have attacks against innocent Muslims.

Over the past four years Paris has been hit by numerous large-scale and deadly attacks. In the deadliest Jihadist attack ever in France, Muslim extremists killed 130 people in an attack on the Bataclan theatre in November 2015.

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Meanwhile, things are peaceful here, despite being next door to Indonesia where there there have been Muslim terrorist killings and bombings.

The reason is that the PAP govt is very sensitive to the religious feelings of Muslims:

the PAP govt treats the sensibilities of the various religions: equal treatment of intolerant religious views.

A publisher said that the NLB didn’t buy a book because

NLB was concerned that the cover read “Why do Malays avoid pork?” Another problem was that the text implied that the prophet Mohammed founded Islam.

NLB is very sensitive about Malays and Muslims

The govt is also very careful about the feelings of non-Muslims

“You have a group of Malay young men, showing the one-finger sign, supporting the group,” CNA quoted the minister.

“If a group of Chinese went and showed the finger sign and said that we should allow it – how would you all have felt? It is the same.”

As the photo has gone viral “across the Christian community”, Shanmugam said that it was crucial to show that the picture does not represent what the Muslim community thinks. “They won’t realize that this a small group of Malays, but they may think, is this what Muslims think of us? So now we have to send the message that this is not what the Muslim community thinks. These are black metal group supporters, they are not the mainstream community.”

Watain ban: playing the easily offended game can backfire

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Another probable reason: very draconian laws work, though ang moh tua kees like Kirsten Han (Kirsten Han trying to defecate herself and PJ out of self-made crater) would disagree. They seem to be happy with mayhem so long as there’s freedom of expression.

[T]he Internal Security Act and the Criminal Law Temporary Provision Act.

They allow the govt to detain almost indefinitely people who never had the benefit of a trial. The former is nowadays used to detain alleged “Islamic” terrorists,  while the latter is used to detain Dan Tan (the guy alleged to have fixed footie matches) and alleged drug dealers …

Govt detains without trial S’poreans: No outrage meh activists?

I’ll end with why it’s not a good time to be a Muslim in America or in Oz and why there’s so much much fear of Muslims in these countries despite the lack of recent atrocities by Jihadists Joes and Jills.

An American Airlines mechanic charged with sabotaging an aircraft in July has possible links to the Islamic State (IS) group, US prosecutors say.

He said he had wanted to cause a delay or have the flight cancelled to get overtime work.


Two men linked to the Islamic State (IS) group have been convicted in Australia of plotting to blow up a flight using a concealed bomb.

Mahmoud Khayat, 34, aimed to bring down the Sydney to Abu Dhabi flight in July 2017, a jury found on Thursday.

His brother, Khaled Khayat, 51, was found guilty of the same offence in May. Both men had pleaded not guilty.

Their plan failed when the bag carrying the bomb could not be checked in at the airport because it was overweight.

Prosecutors said they had aimed to blow up the flight carrying 400 passengers with military grade explosives concealed inside a meat grinder.

After it failed, the brothers also planned to carry out a chemical gas attack in Sydney, prosecutors said. They were arrested 11 days after the airport incident.

All three are immigrants who became citizens of the countries they lived in.

Is it any surprise that “crew members did not feel comfortable flying with Muslim passengers on board”? Of course, in the land of the free, where the buffalo roam, there really shouldn’t be such discrimination, but still after 9/11 etc one can understand:

Muslim men blame racial profiling for flight cancellation

Two Muslim men in the US have demanded an investigation after they say they were subjected to racial and religious profiling on a flight home to Dallas.

Abderraoof Alkhawaldeh and Issam Abdallah allege their flight was cancelled because crew members did not feel comfortable flying with the men.

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Bottom line: a little repression (By the standards of Kirsten Han, S’pore is an “authoritarian paradise, where critics of the government are squelched and drug traffickers are hanged”, sounds acceptable in keeping people of different religions from killing or being suspicious of people of other faiths: Religious equality, the PAP way

What do you think?


*More recently in Indonesia,

A new wave of violence has hit the restive Indonesian region of West Papua after hundreds of protesters, mostly high school students, set fire to several buildings in a town on Monday.

At least 23 people died in the regional capital Wamena, some of whom were trapped inside burning buildings.

The protests were reportedly triggered by a teacher’s racist comments – an allegation the police called a “hoax”.

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