“You don’t need much space to have sex”

In Property on 08/10/2019 at 6:13 am

Well now you don’t need much space to have a queen bed, furniture and plenty of stuff.  They all can fit into a micro-apartment thanks to Silicon Valley.

Bumblebee Spaces, a robotics company, designs and builds storage and beds for compact living. Furniture and possessions are hidden away inside ceiling boxes, to be raised and lowered at the touch of an iPad. Suspension straps, able to hold up to 3,000lbs, support the boxes, while wall-mounted safety sensors are ready to hit the brakes if something — or someone — stands in the way. A queen-sized bed is lowered from the ceiling, quietly converting a sitting room into a bedroom.


Pixs from a San Francisco rabbit hatch (Or is it chicken cdoop?).


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  1. Some people already beat them to “millennial small living”. As a side benefit, you can easily save up a million bucks within 10 years with a good tech job as well.

    Mobile living circa 2015 … and apparently still doing so as of present according to his blog.

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