S’pore, day after freak election?

In Humour, Internet, Political governance on 03/11/2019 at 4:32 am

The day after Dr Chee’s Coalition of the Spastics win the 2019 GE, will one Shanmugam will go tv and radio to explain why he ordered the closing of the internet?

Internet is very important, it has brought about technological convergence.

It eases communication and facilitates trade when we use it properly.

Internet is not water, internet is not air

However, if we use it as a revolution tool to incite others to kill and burn, it will be shut down not only for a week, but longer than that.

How Ethiopia’s  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed justified the  government’s right to shut down the internet, saying it is done to save lives.

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  1. No it won’t be shutdown. S’pore will nationalise it for execution of “anti-freak election protocol” including open SAF/SPF/SCDF mobilisation via internet e.g. digital TV, video streaming, smartphones, apps, digital radio broadcasting etc.

  2. will the “ft” (pr & ep) men currently working here run away ?

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