What the Hongkies are hoping for by keeping up the protests

In China, Hong Kong on 15/12/2019 at 4:32 am

S’poreans, in general, take the view, that Hongkies are wasting their time protesting against China’s attempts to make HK more like S’pore in terms of political governance: Two cities, two systems

They should juz push for a massive HDB programme (When home ownership is less than 50%?) and other economic goodles.


The hope was that eventually a Mikhail Gorbachev-like figure would appear in China who would allow universal suffrage in Hong Kong, Mr Chan says. “We don’t want to fight on the street. Why do we come out? Because the institution is not workable.”


Wish them well. And remember this story. Given time, things can change.

Many years ago in a far away country a wise old teacher was in trouble with his King. The King sentenced the teacher to death, but listened to the teacher’s appeal.

The teacher pleaded for the King to give him five years in which to teach the King’s horse to talk. The King liked to own unusual things and a talking horse would certainly be unusual and after considerable thought said “yes”.

A friend of the teacher said to the teacher “Why did you make such a rash promise? You know no one has ever taught a horse to talk.” The teacher said in reply: “Sometime before the end of five years:

1. The King might change his mind and pardon me.

2. The King might forget that he sentenced me to death.

3. The King might die.

4. I might die.

5. I might teach the horse to talk.

In any event, I gain five years.”

Note that in other versions of the story, the “wise old teacher” is a con-man or trickster.

  1. Wikipedia – Mark Six is a lottery game organised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Since 2004, Mark Six drawings are held three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday.

  2. hongkees keep up protest and destruction because the west praise them doing it; HK is china’s soft underbelly and easy to exploit; hongkees honestly think they r advanced

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