Why no GE in Dec 2019

In Economy, Political governance on 28/12/2019 at 6:58 am

The u/m news from the constructive, nation-building CNA reminded me of what Secret Squirrel told me on Christmas Day.

Singapore’s monthly manufacturing output decreased in November after seeing an uptick in the previous months, data from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) showed on Thursday (Dec 26).

Manufacturing output fell 9.3 per cent in November on a year-on-year basis. On a seasonally adjusted month-on-month basis, production went down 9.4 per cent.

The largest decrease in November was in the electronics cluster, which fell 20.9 per cent. The entire cluster saw a decline in output, except for infocomms and consumer electronics, which grew 29.8 per cent, and data storage segments, which grew 23.1 per cent.

Secret Squirrel told me that the reason GE would be delayed until after the the Budget is that the ground is not sweet for a PAP victory of 65%+, without a lot more bribes goodies, using our own money. Reminder: Heng’s 4G team needs 65% of the popular vote: the pass mark for bragging rights that they have the people’s mandate.

Problems for the PAP govt

Economy: “Only cold spell coming, but not Winter”and S’pore: the canary in the coalmine/ Is the ground sweet for the PAP? But to be fair to the PAP: IMF affirms support for PAP policies.

The headwinds other than a lousy economy going into a GE:

— Another reason why ground is not sweet for the PAP.

— Why one-party rule sucks for Xi, Lee and Heng


A GE late this year as expected by me in 2018 (Akan datang: GE in late 2019) even with vote losers like pending GST rises etc (PAP is like one armed swordsman) would have resulted in a PAP victory of around 62% (How the PAP can get 62% is explained in PAP fighting for every last vote).

But 65%? No way without more dropping GST rise ( How PAP can win 65% plus of the vote) or more goodies. Well a GST rise is set in stone, so got to have more bribes goodies, all with our own money.

Btw, how a really dumb TRE cybernut die die insists that TRE not wrong when I wrote: TeamTRE doesn’t know when school holidays begin?/ How Wankers can hold Aljunied


Well CI technically possible.

Tis school technically closes on 14th October 2 days prior to official date and it is pTM and prize giving for class toppers.

So the nomination the campaign period 10 days might just take place from 9 th of November. and we can election on 17th November.

So I didn’t think TRE got it wrong.

Now a days the void decks are being used more than the school but I am sure the scheduled MOE volunteers will be excused early to attend to election formalities if need be.


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