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Attitudes to $

In Financial competency on 12/08/2020 at 10:53 am

For many S’poreans, and generally for people round the world, money represents freedom, security or choice.

But it’s worth going deeper. Do we adopt a “money worship”, “money status” or “money vigilance” script in living our lives? Or in rare cases where money does not represent freedom, security or choice, is the “money avoidance script” being followed?

Checjk out to find out what’s yr real attitude towards money.

S’pore = Chinese, PA is saying?

In Public Administration on 11/08/2020 at 6:15 am

Remember local YouTuber and comedian Preeti Nair (known as Preetipls) and her brother, rapper Subhas Nair? To refresh yr memories: Brownfacegate: Did you know Shanmugam also said this? and Brownfacegate: Fake indignation?

Well they and that other Woke, P(olitician) Ravi, will surely be KPKBing about

Chinese privilege?

“S’pore got no Indians, Malays, Eurasians isit? Part of China isit?” they sure to rave and rant. And they have a point.

Seriously, govt agencies used to very racially and culturally sensitive in their pictorial or photo depictions of S’poreans? Whatever happened?

An honest mistake?

Chinese tua kee?

Or is the PAP sending a very subtle message to China? “S’pore is Chinese, not a running dog of Trump”.


On 30 December 2009, our nation building, constructive ST reported MM Lee as saying of the Chinese officials who come here to study the governance of S’pore,“They discover that the People’s Action Party has only a small office in Bedok. But everywhere they go, they see the PAP – in the RCs, CCCs, and the CCs.”

Where India trumps China

In China, India on 10/08/2020 at 3:39 am

India beats China hollow in absolute $ terms and in %age terms (as %age of GDP) in remittances. PeinoyLand is 4th but in $age terms beats both of them.

S’pore is big employer of Indian and Filipino PMETs.

US ETF has more gold than Japan, S’pore or India

In ETFs, Financial competency, Gold on 09/08/2020 at 6:20 am

US of A gold ETF is tua kee.

Goh Meng Seng will be relieved to learn that China has more gold than this State Street ETF. Still Meng Seng and Grandpa Xi are reminded that America is the hegemon.

Plebs: ETF is Exchange Traded Fund.

Why India has to contend simultaneously with Chinese aggression, Covid-19 and floods?

In India on 08/08/2020 at 11:00 am

If I were a religious Hindu (I’m neither Hindu nor Indian, though I practice meditation), I’d be pretty worried about whether the gods are unhappy with India.

What with India having to contend simultaneously with Chinese aggression, Covid-19 and floods, And suffering the economic woes associated with Covid-19 and the floods.

Life is rough for Indians. In ancient times, the Israelites would be offering sacrifices to appease Jehovah, and if he didn’t act, making sacrifices to Baal and his pals.

So I couldn’t help but laugh at:

“The entire nation is under Ram’s spell today. By God’s grace, a golden chapter is being written by India.”

Modi recently after laying a symbolic silver brick in the sanctum at the site of the Ram temple in Ayodhya

What planet is Modi on?

But then I tot hopefully, Ram and his pals will be appeased with the temple and shower blessing on the Hindu Indians because Modi played the role reserved for Hindu kings.

Modi appeases the Gods?

Chandrakant Sompura, the chief architect of the proposed temple, told news website The Print that the structure would be designed in the “Nagara” style of temple architecture – a popular north Indian temple building style.

The inner sanctum of the temple – where the idol of the primary deity is housed – will be octagonal. The temple will include a large structure of three floors with 366 pillars and five domes.

Mr Sompura said that a memorial wall in honour of those who were involved with the temple movement would be erected.

Is Cheng Bock, like the PAP Old Guard, a believer in Mao’s continuous revolution

In Public Administration on 07/08/2020 at 7:00 am

When I recently read that Francis Yuen Kin Pheng was taking over from Leong Mun Wai as Assistant Secretary General. Last month it was announced that Mr Leong Mun Wai and Ms Hazel Poa from the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), who are set to become Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMP), relinquished their leadership posts in the party.

From the very beginning of the party (the party was officially registered on 28 March 2019) last year, Dr Tan Cheng Bock has been chopping and changing his team.

At first, I was happy with the changes. When he announced his first team, I was distinctly unimpressed. A bunch of retreads or nobodies. I asked myself, “Why bother setting up a new party with these guys in leadership posts?” Another one man-show party like Chiam See Tong, and Mad Dog (until Dr Paul came along).

Then when he brought in Leong Mun Wai and Ong Seow Yong as part of a reshuffle in January this year, I was impressed. In the early 80s, I had dealings with them and was impressed. Their subsequent careers double confirmed my initial impressions of them. They could get things done.

I was also happy that he reshaped his team in the light of feed-back from new members.

When Michelle Lee quit as chairman, I was even happier as I tot she’s a waste of time. Her new party double confirmed that view.

But with the latest changes, I’m left wondering why the latest changes? It’s not as though being NCMPs is a full time job. Btw, I’m impressed with Francis Yuen, and happy that Ong Seow Yong has is in charge of communications.

Fyi, Mao’s theory of continuous revolution:

Actually the Old Guard of the PAP believed in it. In the 70s and 80s, Dr Goh Keng Swee went around restructuring Mindef, MoE and the central bank (I was there then and worked directly under the chief operating executor)). The Old Guard tot that these institutions had become lazy and complacent. They all went thru bloodless Cultural Revolutions that were traumatic on those leaving and the survivors.

The 2G team led by GCT and Lee Jnr were kinder to bureaucrats, a practice that the £G and 4G followed. Good for the bureaucrats, but detrimental to S’pore?

What do u think?

Why PAP ministers are not fat

In Public Administration on 06/08/2020 at 5:19 am

And why they are “dangerous”.

First the “fat” bit:

The more overweight the government, the more corrupt the country, according to a new study of 15 post-Soviet states … found that the median BMI of a country’s cabinet is highly correlated with its level of corruption, as measured by indices compiled by the World Bank and Transparency International (see chart).


It’s a fact that S’pore ranks highly (least corrupt) on the corruption indices mentioned. Even Lim Tean and Goh Meng don’t go round saying that PAP ministers are corrupt.

As to the “dangerous” part:

 Let me have men about me that are fat,Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.

Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare

Though to be fair, one wishes Jos Teo thinks a bit more even though she’s so thin. Could do better. Time to lose more weight so that she can have sex in the HDB’s flat’s “bomb shelter”?

Can local bank stocks fall by 37%? (cont’d)

In Banks, Economy, Reits on 05/08/2020 at 4:10 am

Further to Can local bank stocks fall by 37%? And other investment tales, here’s another good reason to think that bank stocks can really tank.

In the UK, where banks are usually generous dividend payers, after the authorities told banks to stop paying dividends until next yr, the banks decided to compete on seeing who could %wise have the largest loan loss provisions. HSBC (where I’ve owned shares since the early 1980s) won this show of macho, increasing provisions by a third more than expected. Shares fell by another 4% on Monday and 3% yesterday. The share price is near its 1996 lows and have already fallen below the late noughties low.

What I’m predicting is that our banks will be increasing their loan provisions beyond analysts’ expectations. They will be reporting their latest results soon.

So it’s possible that our banks’ share prices can fall by 37%.

Last chance to sell as shares recovered their Monday losses yesterday.

Good luck, yield chasers who tot banks were safe. Why not try industrial reits? They’ve held up pretty well. Buy the second liners (not the GLCs) so that I can smile when I look at their prices.

Ang moh family of three spends S$1,170.44 on food in one week

In Uncategorized on 04/08/2020 at 6:33 am

OK, OK includes some beers. He, wife and daughter eat out or get food delivered. Eating home cooked food is the exception: at least in the week he recorded for the BBC.

Matt is 39 and has lived in Singapore for 11 years. He works for one of the big tech companies as a cyber security consultant. His wife Imelda works in IT for a large pharmaceutical company.

Matt and Imelda have a daughter named Alex who is four and has special needs. They rent a three bedroom flat in River Valley, central Singapore.

To be fair to him

The week was a bit of a wreck in terms of diet. That’s the most shocking thing probably. I am very much in a comfort-eating zone at the moment because my mental health is taking a bit of a hit through Covid-19 and all the changes and additional demands.

As to what’s affecting his and his wife’s mental health so much that they throw money at eating out and home deliveries of junk (usually) food, I’ll tell you about it soon. But feel free to read the article to find out.

Can local bank stocks fall by 37%? And other investment tales

In Banks, Financial competency on 03/08/2020 at 6:29 am

Last Thurday, DBS fell by 3.09%, UOB by 3.15% and OCBC 3.82% because following the Monetary Authority of S’pore’s July 29 announcement on capping Singapore banks’ FY20 dividends at 60% of their FY19 levels.

Analysts from DBS Group Research, OCBC Investment Research, and CGS-CIMB Research have maintained their “hold” or “neutral” recommendations for the shares of DBS Bank, UOB and OCBC.

But in the past, these analysts (and many others, to be fair) said that the banks’ share prices are underpinned (among other things, to be fair) by their dividend yields of around 6%.

So shouldn’t the dividend yields now adjust to reflect this?

Well if they do, share prices can fall a lot: up to 36-37% from their last traded prices.

Remember you heard this first here. LOL.

Btw, I have an economic interest in UOB via Haw Par:

Btw2, I missed a bullet. I was thinking of buying OCBC shares. Glad I didn’t but btw3 I’m into two dogs that I had tot had bottomed out: SingTel and SPH.

Btw4, I think I’ll stick to my industrial reits, sub-$1 stocks, and penny stocks. Less risky.

Btw5, hopefully if the bank stocks collapse, they bring the market down and I can get some penny stocks at decent prices. Juz grin and bear on SPH and SingTel: no averaging down. Juz collect dividend lor.

Veteran reminiscences about life in ST

In Media on 02/08/2020 at 11:21 am

Many, many years ago, I wrote about Clement Mesenas, who had just written The Last Great Strike: Wanted: Expertise on organising a legal strike and When Devan Nair was Jedi. JHe was one of the striker organisers.

I wrote then, he had

plans for a website to be set-up for the strikers and their friends to contribute their “war stories” and reminiscences; about the direction ST took after the strike; and their tots on new media especially its impact on ST. 

When Devan Nair was Jedi

Well he’s found time to revive his plans. Go to and read his reminiscences.

He also wrote there:

Please follow MediaStalwartsofSingapore and enjoy my stories and those written by fellow journalists and media practitioners. Your comments are most welcome. We want to create a new, vibrant and meaningful media landscape through our stories and YOUR contributions. Please PM me if you want to send in your story. #MediaStalwartsofSingapore #MediaStalwarts

Hard Truth about equity markets

In Financial competency on 02/08/2020 at 10:34 am

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook now represent more than a fifth of the S&P 500. More impt S&P 500 would be down 5% without them

What military infrastructure projects India & China are building on their border

In China, India on 01/08/2020 at 1:19 pm

Looking for dividend yields?

In Financial competency on 01/08/2020 at 5:21 am

Now that local bank yields have collapsed following the central bank’s restrictions that dividends are now limited to 60% of 2019 dividends.

Why not try Russia? MSCI’s Russia index offers the highest dividend yield of any major country in the world at 7.4% (prospective) , according to Morgan Stanley.

Covid-19: FTs from India reinfecting S’pore

In India, Public Administration on 31/07/2020 at 6:49 am

Not me, but the constructive, nation-building propaganda arm of the PAP govt ST

More than 100 such cases confirmed in past month, with over half from India

ST headline yesterday, somewhere in the middle of yesterday’s paper

A lot more than half, 62 to be precise, ST reported on Thursday.

From June 30 to last Tueday, there were 107 cases of infections from abroad and they were imported from nine different countries, with more than half – 62 cases – coming from India.

Another 23 cases were imported from the Philippines, while the rest came from countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and the United States.

Most of the imported cases – 27 – are work pass holders, while 23 of them are S’poreans. There were 20 permanent residents and 19 dependant’s pass holders among the imported cases.

Given that India is full of Covid-19 cases, third behind the US of A and Brazil, why let people from India? Btw, PeenoyLand also saw a recent coronavirus surge, so why let Peenoys in?

Why not impose stricter quarantine rules, if they are that impt to the economy?

These FTs tua kee isit?

Btw2, FTs are also a problem in HK: Covid-19: Silence of Lim Tean, Meng Seng and TOC is deafening.

Covid-19: Silence of Lim Tean, Meng Seng and TOC is deafening

In Public Administration on 30/07/2020 at 11:40 am

Hong Kong – which had early success against Covid-19 – is now regularly reporting over 100 new daily cases. Less than a month ago, the average number of new daily cases was under 10.


Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has warned that the city’s hospital system could face “collapse” as it grapples with a sharp rise in coronavirus cases.

She said the city was “on the verge of a large-scale community outbreak”, urging people to stay indoors.


And Lim Tean, Meng Seng Seng and other cybernuts, and TOC and anti-PAP alt media were shouting that the PAP govt should follow what HK was doing?

Hong Kong this week introduced its toughest lockdown restrictions in response to its worst outbreak. New regulations, including mandatory face masks and the closure of dine-in restaurants, and only two people from different households can meet, under the toughest rules Hong Kong has adopted so far.began on Wednesday.

It was earlier announced that spaces like bars, gyms and beauty parlours would be closed.

At the start of the month, public gatherings of up to 50 people were allowed – but that was reduced to four, and now two.

When the FT dorms were infected, Lim Tean, Meng Seng Seng and other cybernuts, and TOC and anti-PAP alt media were shouting that the PAP govt should follow what HK was doing.

Now that the FT dorms are almost clean and Covid-19 from the dorms didn’t leak out to the HDB heartlands, while HK is having a serious reinfection problem, why are Lim Tean, Meng Seng Seng and other cybernuts, and TOC and anti-PAP alt media not praising the PAP govt?

But at least , Lim Tean, Meng Seng Seng and other cybernuts, and TOC and anti-PAP alt media are not shouting that the PAP govt should follow what HK is doing.

The truth is that Vigilance is eternal when it comes to fighting Covid-19 and people like Lim Tean, Meng Seng and other anti-PAP paper warriors will always say “PAP is always wrong”. SAD.

Btw, PRCs from China are being blamed for the resurgence of the virus inHK.

Covid-19: Indian students starving in the UK/ Will India send help?

In India on 30/07/2020 at 4:29 am

The BBC reports that volunteers at the Newham Community Project in east London are feeding up to 600 students, most in their early 20s.

Most are from India and are taking master’s degrees. SAD.


Hundreds of international students in the UK have had to resort to food banks after part-time work and funding from families dried up during lockdown.

Some have been unable to pay their course fees and have been threatened with suspension by their universities which would result in their visas being cancelled.

Muslim geeks modernises the Haj

In Uncategorized on 29/07/2020 at 6:21 am

 Saudi Arabia has restricted participation in this years Haj, which began on July 28th. Reports say only between 1,000 and 10,000 people based in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to perform the Haj.

But there are alternatives. For centuries Muslim mystics have urged believers to emphasise the spiritual haj over the earthly one. So they must be cheering on Ahmed Alhaddad and other pious software developers.

“Easy process, same blessings,” says a website offering “hajplication”.

A “hajplication” developed by Ahmed Alhaddad, a Kenyan computer engineer, connects would-be pilgrims to proxies in Mecca who livestream the experience. For only US$500, a fraction of the cost of a real trip, wannabe pilgrims can from the comfort of their homes maintain social distance and avoid walking miles in 50°C heat.

Covid-19: Vigilance is eternal/ Domestic tourism also can spread Covid-19

In Vietnam on 28/07/2020 at 4:44 am

With S’pore planning to encourage local tourism. Vietnam is a lesson to be heeded. Covid-19 loves crowded spaces.

Vietnam has been lauded as a success story, having acted early to close borders and enforce quarantine and contact tracing.

It recorded just over 400 cases and no deaths. (Related post: Covid-19: Ang moh runs up US$85,000 bill)

Nearly 100 days after its last locally transmitted case in April, four new cases emerged in Vietnam: all from a tourist attraction. Vietnam had been encouraging local tourism to help the economy.

Vietnam has closed the city of Da Nang to tourists after four new locally transmitted coronavirus were recorded.

No tourists can enter the city for 14 days and extra flights are being laid on to fly out up to 80,000 visitors.

Restrictions are also in place in the city.

How the PAP plans to fix its legitimacy problem

In Political governance on 27/07/2020 at 11:11 am

I pointed out yesterday

that 4G leaders failed their legitimacy test: Why PAP aiming for 65% of the popular vote. (Btw, written in 2018: Why even with 4G donkeys, PAP will retain power.)

Better still for S’poreans, based on what PM, Lawrence Wong and Shanmugan said the PAP is very aware that their legitimacy is waning.

Legitimacy problem for the PAP as 9% of voters get smarter

But the bad, sad news is how they are trying to fix the legtimacy problem. Instead of listening to Tharman

And we must be a more tolerant democracy, with greater space for divergent views, and a more active civil society, without the public discourse becoming divisive or unsettling the majority.It will be good for Singapore if we evolve in these three ways. They will each help ensure stability in our democracy in the years to come. And they will tap on the energies and ideas of a younger generation of Singaporeans and their desire to be involved in public affairs.

Part of FB post

, the PAP are trying to shift the goal posts, lowering the high water mark of success: now only aiming for 65% of the popular vote as their high water mark of popularity and success, not -70%+ mark of the past.

Trying to dumb down the voters?

But going by the last GE, 9% of S’poreans are that not stupid. They’ll keep giving the PAP 60-61% in the next GE, no matter what goodies come their way.

So how will the PAP react? They make 55%, the high water mark, two GEs from this one.

And they’ll need to because 2029 is a dangerous for year: Why 30-year old HDB flats difficult to sell/ Why PAP rule will end in 2029.

No wonder, Mr otter is confused by the PAP’s comments just as he’s confused by the stock market collapse and the run on supermarket goods earlier this yr.

Btw, I’ll be talking about the HDB issue soon.

Covid-19: India’s new flag

In India on 27/07/2020 at 4:21 am

India has recorded more than 1.2 million cases of Covid-19 and nearly 29,000 deaths, more than any other Asian country.

Globally, only US of A and Brazil are ahead of it. All are ruled by populist “strong” leaders. Only Modi is the real autocrat, the other two are wannabes because their country have strong institutions.

Covid-19: Modi in denial

In India on 26/07/2020 at 2:10 pm

The BBC reports that Indian experts say that “full-blown” community transmission is happening in India.

But the government refuses to accept that community transmission has begun, saying there is no clear definition of the term, and each country can define it based on local conditions.

So far, Kerala and West Bengal are the only two states to accept that they have entered this stage.

But global understanding on the subject is simple: when the source of infection can’t be traced in a large number of cases, it’s safe to define it as community transmission.

The WHO’s guidelines say: “community transmission is evidenced by the inability to relate confirmed cases through chains of transmission for a large number of cases”.

According to Dr Arvind Kumar, chairman of the Centre for Chest Surgery at Delhi’s Sir Gangaram Hospital: more and more patients are turning up at hospitals whose source of infection cannot be traced. And, he adds, the rising case numbers support this.

For the record: India has recorded more than 1.2 million cases and nearly 29,000 deaths.

Legitimacy problem for the PAP as 9% of voters get smarter

In Political governance on 26/07/2020 at 11:28 am

The really good news for S’poreans and the really bad news for the PAP is that 4G leaders failed their legitimacy test: Why PAP aiming for 65% of the popular vote. (Btw, written in 2018: Why even with 4G donkeys, PAP will retain power.)

Better still for S’poreans, based on what PM, Lawrence Wong and Shanmugan said the PAP is very aware that their legitimacy is waning.

The Wankers campaigned on the premise that the PAP government is more responsive to people’s concerns when it loses elected seats, as they did in 2011, when the PAP suffered its worst election result.

It went on to change immigration policies, a major source of unhappiness for many voters.

It also gave goodies (Remember Ownself fund Ownself: How we fund our SWFs and Property sales also fund our SWFs) to the Pioneer Generation which not only helped them but also those who cared for them:

Real life examples of what Pioneer Benefits mean:

— A mother and her autistic son are Pioneers. The son has been in a nursing home for over ten years, ever since his mother became too frail to look after him. The monthly bill was about S$4,000 a month and was borne by his siblings. Now this bill is “only” a few hundred dollars a month. The mother’s medical bills (she’s in her 90s and suffers from various chronic conditions) are now minuscule.

The extended family is happy.

— Another Pioneer used to pay $30 when she visited a polyclinic every three months for her medicine etc. She now pays $7.

— Another lady lives in a home because of Alzheimers. The cash from the sale of her flat was paying the bills. Now there is no worry of the cash running out before she dies. Her monthly bills have been slashed. Her working daughter (with children and an unemployed PMET husband) is breathing a sigh of relief.

Are you better off now than you were in 2011?

The Wankers strategy hit a sweet spot with about 9% of the voters.

But the Wankers went further. They also talked of not giving the PAP a “blank cheque”.

This too resonated because this 9% of the voters contrasted GE 2011’s aftermath with what happened after GE 2015 when the PAP got 70% of the popular vote, and in the process nearly making 5 Wanker MPs redundant.

Pay And Pay returned with a vengeance.

 Remember VivianB had said in parly in 2015 (juz before GE) that there was no need to change the price of water because of PUB’s improvements in membrane tech and productivity and that the water tariff and WCT reflected the scarcity of water, but prices went up after GE 2017.

Why Pay And Pay govt wants elections earlier than later


Pay And Pay

Articles and analysis of various “price increase” written by Uncle Leong (Remember him?)

Water – “PUB: $1.1b profits last 7 years – how much last 53 years? (Feb 24, 2017)

Service & Conservancy Charges – “S & CC: A truly caring Govt?” (Feb 17, 2017)

Gas – “City Gas prices to rise by 4.5 per cent from Feb 1” (Jan 31, 2017)

Electricity – “Electricity: One of the highest in the world? (Jan 1, 2017)

Childcare fees – “Fee hikes at 200 childcare centres this year” (Jan 1, 2017)

Parking – “HDB car park rates increase 60%? (Dec 16, 2016)

Rubbish fees – “Rubbish fees up: NEA surplus up 32.9%? (Nov 8, 2016)

University hostel fees – “University hostel fees up 6.8% p.a. despite $1b surplus?” (Jun 28, 2016)

Taxis licensing – “Taxi drivers hit by triple whammy?” (Jun 24, 2016)

Hawkers’ misc fees – “Hawkers’ misc fees increased by ? %? (Jun 22, 2016)

Why Pay And Pay govt wants elections earlier than later

Then there was the controversy about the presidency: #hardlymahpresident and Elected President: Oh, what a tangled web we weave cont’d.

Now 9% of voters are aware that S’poreans get the goodies when the PAP doesn’t get a “clear” mandate. And that when the voters give the PAP a “clear” mandate, S’poreans got shoved in the ass, though let’s face it, a hard core 35% love the sensation, while 25% believe it’s good for them. SAD.

So this coming National Day, let’s salute the 9%.

Ang moh tua kee attitude loses $

In China, Financial competency on 25/07/2020 at 11:05 am

Once upon a time, the Americans took the Japs to the cleaners, selling stuff to the Japs at over the top prices and then buying them back for a song: think the Rockfeller Centre.

Now its the Chinks that get screwed, not only by the Americans but by ang mohs in general.

Virginia-based WorldStrides, a student-focused travel outfit backed by Primavera Capital, filed for bankruptcy this week after the pandemic hit bookings and forced it to issue refunds. The Beijing-based fund, invested in WorldStrides three years ago. The hope was to roll out its services across the People’s Republic and beyond.

The idea of expanding Western companies in China has sucked Chinese buyers abroad, adding to a frenzy of outbound deals. The track record doesn’t look promising: state-owned conglomerate Bright Food sold off British cereal maker Weetabix in 2017 after failing to grow the business in China. Hony Capital’s acquisition of PizzaExpress is turning out to be a disaster. Even Fosun International is struggling with its investment in Canadian acrobatics troupe Cirque du Soleil. With Covid-19 affecting Western and Chinese consumers, expect more casualties.

Ang moh tua kee has its consequences.

Yoga not for Greek Orthodox

In Uncategorized on 24/07/2020 at 1:18 pm

Downward dog, sun salutations and all other yoga practices are “absolutely incompatible” with the Christian faith, the Greek Orthodox Church has said.

Yoga has no place “in the life of Christians,” the governing body of the Church has ruled.

It said it intervened after Greek media recommended yoga as a way to combat stress during coronavirus quarantine.

Don’t laugh. In 2008 Malaysia’s leading Islamic council said yoga could corrupt Muslims but backed down from issuing a fatwa after a backlash.

PAP’s useful idiots: s/o JBJ, Meng Seng, Lim Tean, P Ravi and Michelle Lee

In Political governance on 23/07/2020 at 6:56 am

Not me who says this, but a reader from TRE who pointed out that if the PAP had had walkovers in the constituencies where the parties led by s/o JBJ, Meng Seng, Lim Tean, and P Ravi and Michelle Lee stood, the PAP’s share of the vote would be less than 58.7%. (I didn’t verify the figures but it sounds about right because the PAP thrashed the oppo clowns in these areas.)

So Tolonglah Opposition Parties, stop trying to be Indian Chiefs and boosting your own self inflated egos. Become activists, become NGOs, but stay away from polling. Stop insulting us with your mediocre performances.

Veron Rahim writing in TRE

Yes, by calling s/o JBJ, Meng Seng, Lim Tean, P Ravi and Michelle Lee “useful idiots”, I’m putting words into the writer’s mouth. But the facts he points out and which I amplify out justifies my action.

Tharman’s GRC won the biggest majority (75%) and PM’s GRC (72%) the second biggest majority. Surely these %ages helped boast the PAP 61% share of the popular vote? Btw, either Michelle Lee or P Ravi said they “won” in Jurong GRC by “losing”. “Won” as in helping the PAP?

As did Goh Meng Seng. Kate Spade Tin had a 6 point swing in her favour bringing her share of the popular vote to 72%. Well done Kate, she put Chinese male chauvinist Meng Seng in the gutter where he belongs.

The piece in full

GE2020 shows us that we need less ‘Indian Chief’ opposition parties around

* Take Note Only Contested Seats are Counted.

Since 2011 all seats have been contested. But from 2006 and prior, only the contested seats determined the % of votes.

So if the Reform Party and Red Dot United did not run, and Jurong, AMK and Radin Mas were walkovers, the PAP mandate would only be 58.7%

It would be even less, if People’s Voice and PPP did not contest Mountbatten and Macpherson.

Lee Hsien Loong can still proudly say strong mandate because these parties allowed him to. No PAP Prime Minister has had any vote share below 60%. It should have happened this time.

It’s not about giving them a walkover, what’s the point if the contest only serves their purpose to justify their support? I dare say if a stronger opposition party had contested these areas, they would have still lost but their percentage would have been in the mid 30% or higher and that would also have brought the winning percentage for the PAP below 60%.

So Tolonglah Opposition Parties, stop trying to be Indian Chiefs and boosting your own self inflated egos. Become activists, become NGOs, but stay away from polling. Stop insulting us with your mediocre performances.

And no to you combining either. Your entry will not help the Worker’s Party, PSP or SDP. Instead you can become ordinary members of these parties and help them in the groundwork. Or become bloggers.

Veron Rahim

Clear mandate? What clear mandate?

In Political governance on 22/07/2020 at 7:54 am

The People’s Action Party (PAP) has received a clear mandate in the general election, but the results also show a desire for a diversity of voices in Parliament, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

PM Lee said that while the ruling party’s share of the popular vote – 61.24 per cent – was not as high as he had hoped for, it still reflected a broad base of support for the PAP.

Constructive, nation-building ST

Like real

This would be a landslide victory in most democracies. But the numerical majority in actuality suggests a rather humiliating defeat, especially in a ‘crisis’ election called early amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Swings of over 20 per cent occurred, with the WP collecting an average of over 50 per cent in contested seats. The electoral system is so stacked with systemic controls and electoral engineering after 55 years of PAP rule that the outcome does not show the scope of discontent.

Bridget Welsh in

Bridget Welsh is an ang moh academic. She’s taught at SMU and her base seems to be in a top Taiwanese uni from where she wanders to places like Turkey. She’s now in KL. Unlike our constructive, nation-building academics, who speak with gatangs in their mouths (and with forked tongues, on both sides of their mouth), she speaks like us.

Her father worked in the US embassy in KL and she went to local schools, never losing her local accent.

Do read the above link and the one below.

She’s very prescient. Before GE, when our local academics were predicting a big PAP win (as was I: My GE2020 predictions) she wrote:

Singapore GE2020 showcases that the PAP has less control than they had in the past and they cannot rely primarily on control at home. This longest-serving incumbent party will easily win the election, but will likely be bruised in the campaign. Irrespective of the outcome, PAP will have a hard time trying to make things ‘normal’ after the elections. The ‘not normal’ mode is going to be around for some time.

Covid-19 and the S&P

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Those who waited for S&P (and other global equity indices) to dip again after late March collapse can go bang their balls.

But I wouldn’t go on a buying spree to compensate. Buy the dips.

Covid-19: The really bad news for India

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India has now over a million cases and has the third largest number of coronavirus cases in the world after the US and Brazil.

But this figure is likely to be a gross underestimation of the number of Covid-19 cases because India (and the other sub-continent countries) are far behind other countries with serious numbers of Covid-19 when it comes to testing.

Why PAP should make Lawrence Wong PM

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But first trumpets for me. Long before (two years ++ before last Saturday night) social media tot that Lawrence Wong is a good choice for the PAP to make PM, I had spotted him:

I had written:

Lawrence Wong is a throw smoke specialist, good enough to be PM after Heng’s one term in that post. You heard these predictions here first.

Lawrence Wong: a PM-in-waiting

Here’s another reason why the PAP should make him PM.

The PAP can say

If Lawrence can become a multi-millionaire, so can any ordinary non-elite S’porean.

PAP pamphlet in GE 2026 campaign

His parents are ordinary S’poreams. Father was a marketing executive while mother was a teacher in Haig Boys’ Primary School: an ordinary middle class Katong family.

He’s no elite school boy or a graduate from an elite university also. He went to Haig Boys’ Primary School, Tanjong Katong Secondary School and Victoria Junior College. Whoever heard of these shit house neighbourhood schools?

He then went to the University of Wisconsin–Madis (Bachelor of Science degree in Economics) and then obtained a Master of Arts degree in Economics at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. Not exactly Oxbridge or Ivy League? Juz ordinary, good universities.

He’s juz like most hard working S’poreans: studied at non-elite institution.

To be fair, he then finally went to an elite institution: Kennedy School of Government, Harvard. But this was rather late in life, after he had been talent spotted.

Btw, as he’s divorced and remarried, the PAP can boast that it’s no longer puritanical. Once upon a time, the PAP leadership frowned on divorces and it’s alleged that the PAP’s pit bull terrier was put in purgatory when he divorced. He could have been a minister earlier, it’s alleged.

Covid-19: “Italian” virus not “Chinese” virus

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Trump is wrong as usual. It’s not Kung flu from China, it’s Italian.

While the Wuhan virus really came from Wuhan, China, the problem is a mutation that came from Italy. It is now seen in as many as 97% of samples around the world. According to the BBC

the D614G variant is so dominant, it is now the pandemic


It even returned to China:

Whenever the two versions were in circulation at the same time, the new variant took over.


Read more at:

Great S’pore Fashion Sale when Covid-19 restrictions finally end

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Retail stores “will have to discount heavily” to sell excess stock that may now be out of season according to retail experts.

Many clothing retailers have been sitting there with stores full of stock which they haven’t be able to shift.

One of the most pressing issues for retailers is working capital and there is a huge overhang of inventory at fashion stores.

Why India is reconsidering its attitude towards China

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The FT’s James Kynge and Amy Kazmin discuss the relationship between Asia’s two superpowers.

But whatever it does economically against China, it hurts itself more than it hurts China:

China is India’s second-largest trading partner after the US. It accounts for nearly 12% of India’s imports in sectors such as chemicals, automotive components, consumer electronics and pharmaceuticals.

At least 70% of India’s drug intermediary needs are fulfilled by China,” Sudarshan Jain, president of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance, told the BBC.

India’s booming smartphone sector is heavily dependent on cheap Chinese phones made by Oppo, Xaomi and others who dominate the local market. These phones are “made in India” but the parts are imported from China.

Most consumer electronics and many industrial equipment makers say they need crucial intermediate goods from China.

Can India afford to boycott Chinese products?

And India’s blacklist of 59 Chinese apps

excludes India’s most valuable startups, including the US$16 billion payments giant Paytm, backed by Ant Financial, as well as education star Byju’s, which counts Tencent as an investor. Alibaba and Tencent also invested billions of dollars into other Indian startups such as Zomato, Big Basket and Ola. In total, 18 of India’s 30 unicorns have Chinese funding, Gateway House, a Mumbai-based thinktank calculates. 

Can India afford to boycott Chinese investors?

Dogs with fleas that could make you money

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Just realise that most of the time, there’s a good reason why investors avoid

listed companies which have their net cash exceeding their market capitalisation. This is essentially the same as net cash per share compared to the share price. The excess cash should also inform investors that these companies could be potentially strong takeover or privatisation targets, as acquiring these companies would improve the financial position of the acquirer. Therefore, to investors, they could expect to receive a significant premium on their investments if they purchased the company before any takeover offers.

Where auditors usually fail when auditing

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According to the UK’s Financial Reporting Council, the auditors lapdog turned toothless watchdog after repeated audit scandals, the most common failings of auditors were not enough scepticism and insufficient challenge, especially when it comes to impairments, goodwill, long-term contracts and revenues, loan-loss provisions and cash flows.

Think our very own Hyflux (Did Hyflux’s auditors mislead?) and igNoble House (igNoble Hse omnishambles puts spotlight two int’l accounting firms).

PM: Why Heng’s the betterest

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Heng has got a bad press from the usual suspects on social media and alt media for purportedlt nearly losing East Coast GRC (Only got 53.41% of the vote leh) and for talking cock:

For our East Coast residents, we also have a plan for the East Coast. We have a… East Coast… Singapore… we have it together… an East Coast plan. We care at East Coast

Part of Heng’s speech on nomination day

My avatar has gone onto FB to point out that if he hadn’t parachuted into the East Coast GRC, we could have seen the Wankers win 5 more seats in parly: total of 15. And for talking cock, he really did talk cock.

Seriously, he’s the right PM-in-waiting for us because

For the business community, Heng’s more collaborative approach is a bigger asset heading into such uncertain times. Whereas Lee Kuan Yew instilled “palpable fear in the room” due to “the strength of his intellect and the force of his personality,” Heng seeks out alternative viewpoints, said Ho Meng Kit, chief executive officer of the Singapore Business Federation, which represents more than 25,000 companies.‘Build Trust’“It’s a different style altogether,” said Ho, who previously served as principal private secretary to Lee Kuan Yew. “This time around it’s not just that strong leadership that matters, because no one knows where that future is,” he added. “And that future needs to be co-created between the public sector and the private sector. And in order to do that you need to build trust.

For “business community”, substitute “civil society” and the point Ho Meng Kit makes is even more relevant. He’s no bully.

We all want a more civil society and Heng is in a better position to deliver it because he’s more collaborative, and no bully.

Xia suay! Technical recession? What technical recession?

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Singapore in technical recession after GDP shrinks 41.2% in Q2 from preceding quarter due to COVID-19

Constructive, nation-building CNA

Singapore enters technical recession as GDP plunges 12.6% in Q2: Flash data

Constructive, nation-building ST

Singapore has entered a technical recession after its economy contracted 41.2 per cent in the second quarter from the previous three months, dragged down by weak external demand and Covid-19 “circuit breaker” measures.

MediaCorp’s Constructive, nation-building freesheet

Kee Chiu if you believe it’s a “technical recession”.

The term “technical recession is used when there are 2 consecutive quarters of slightly negative numbers. There is nothing “technical” about the 41% collapse after “only” a 3% fall in the previous quarter.

Kee chiu if you still believe it’s a “technical recession”.

In America, the usually post-fact society, when the GDP was likely to fall because of Covid-19, a recession was “called” even by the Fed, the world’s central bank, even before the monthly data came out.

Kee chiu if you believe we juz had a “technical recession”.

The ang moh media got it right when they reported:

Singapore enters recession after economy shrinks more than 40% quarter on quarter


Singapore Slumps Into Recession With Record 41.2% GDP Plunge


But then they are not constructive, nor nation-building. Ask Trump.

The use of the term “technical recession” by our constructive, nation-building media must have resulted from a media briefing by some xia suay Ah Beng from MTI. Kee chui chiu if you know his identity?

For the avoidance of doubt, the technocrats at MTI did not use the term:

GE2020: Could have been 23 Oppo MPs

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Emphasis mine.

12,367 votes (0.5% of the PAP’s popular vote) in all the marginal constituencies where the PAP scored around 55% or less (West Coast GRC, East Coast GRC, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok, Marymount) – and we might have woken up to headlines that Singaporeans elected 23 MPs from parties other than the PAP.

Or nearly a quarter of Parliament.

That’s how close this election was – in a way that even 2011 and arguably even 1991 wasn’t. To understand this, pay very close attention to the marginal seats (>45%, rounded to 1 decimal place) and count what would happen if all marginal seats flipped.

Carissa Cheow

For a more detailed analysis, click Carissa Cheow

GE2020: Great piece from TRE

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I’m taking my time commenting on the GE result because I got so many things wrong: : My GE2020 predictions.

Maybe it’s all about

GE2020: “send money!”


Given the timing of the GE, the election could have been seen by many voters was a referendum on the PAP government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Maybe the result simply tells us that 39% of voters think the PAP govt did a bad job?

One Adrian Tan on FB

As for Sengkang:

Residents said that there was lack of neighbourhood provision shops and hawker centres in Sengkang

The housing estate is home to many young families who felt that the younger WP team could represent them

Residents also sang praises of Dr Jamus Lim, a new candidate of

And I’m not like those “experts” who having got things wrong, start explaining what happened in GE2020.

Whatever, here’s a really good piece from Augustine Low writing in TRE

Amidst the hope and euphoria, we should ask whether it’s a false dawn or a new beginning

There’s a saying, Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Haven’t Singaporeans been fooled before? Haven’t we seen this movie that we are now witnessing? What makes us think that things would be any different this time around?

The People’s Action Party (PAP)’s popular vote share for GE2020, although a significant drop from 2015, is still higher than 2011. The PAP lost a GRC for the first time in 2011 and had to do soul searching. It followed up with some position and policy changes and managed to appease ground sentiment and curtail the tide of resentment and unhappiness.

And so in GE2015, the PAP scored a landslide victory in the aftermath of Lee Kuan Yew’s death. The PAP saw this as a resounding endorsement by the people. It could do no wrong. The results of GE2011 were nothing but an aberration, to be consigned to the history books.

After the 2015 sweeping electoral success, water prices went up steeply, impending GST hike was announced, foreign influx continued, Parliament passed controversial changes to the elected presidency, the hotly debated online falsehoods Bill (POFMA) was passed. In recent months, handling of the COVID-19 pandemic became a contentious issue and a general election was called despite pleas and advice to hold back.

Many call GE2020 a watershed election. GE2011 was also dubbed a watershed election, the PAP losing a GRC for the first time. GE2015 was also called a watershed election, coming in the wake of Lee Kuan Yew’s passing.

If we start calling every GE a watershed election, when does it hold significance anymore?

For GE2020, the PAP was true to form, conducting its campaign in predictable fashion.

Raeesah Khan’s past social media posts were whipped up and made a meal of at the height of the hustings. To the PAP, it was an opportunistic strike par for the course. But many of us watched and winced because we had seen it all before, it was trademark gutter politics.

As for the calling into question of Dr Chee Soon Juan’s integrity, we have also seen it before. But the use of an analogy involving spousal violence to make a point – that we have not seen, and it made us wince.

Fear mongering? It happened. As with every GE, Singaporeans were told they could find the PAP losing power overnight and what’s more, winning alone wasn’t enough, the PAP had to win big otherwise investors would lose confidence.

In 2011, late Lee Kuan Yew told Aljunied GRC voters they would “repent” if they voted in the Workers’ Party. For GE2020, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong went to Sengkang GRC and told the voters, “Why settle for PAP-lite? The real thing is much better.”

He must have thought it was witty and amusing because he laughed as he said it. The Sengkang voters, as it turned out, rejected “the real thing” in favour of “PAP-lite”, otherwise known as the Workers’ Party.

But having asked voters to go for “the real thing” in Sengkang, the PAP repeatedly touted the fact that no matter what happens, there would be 12 opposition NCMPs in Parliament. Guess what, where this is concerned, voters would much rather prefer “the real thing” – electing an MP into Parliament is far superior to having a losing candidate as an NCMP.

So when all is said and done, given the results of GE2020, we can expect the PAP to conduct a post-mortem – like it did in 2011. We can expect some fine-tuning, even some position and policy changes.

As for a less divisive, more inclusive style of governance, embracing diversity and aspirations of Singaporeans – that, we shall have to see.

So it’s not yet time to get swept away on a tide of euphoria.

By all means, in the wake of GE2020, let’s look at the glass as half-full. The people have spoken, the rest remains to be seen.

The PAP said of Dr Chee Soon Juan during campaigning: “a leopard does not change its spots.”

The best we could hope for is for the PAP to prove that a leopard can indeed change its spots.

Augustine Low

Btw, glad to see he’s recovered: More evidence that being anti-PAP is bad for yr mental health

Is China trying to con US or trying real hard

In China on 13/07/2020 at 4:40 am

The case for China tricking Trump over the Phase One deal

The case for China trying really hard to keep its word.

Why Amitabh Bachchan won’t die of Covid-19

In India on 12/07/2020 at 5:14 am

Because he’s Indian.

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan says he has tested positive for coronavirus.

Writing on Twitter, the 77-year-old superstar confirmed his diagnosis and encouraged anyone who had been in contact with him in the past 10 days to get tested.

He was transferred to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, according to local media.

A hospital official told The Indian Express newspaper that he was in a stable condition.

Don’t worry fans. Not only will he get the best treatment but India’s track record on two areas of the pandemic is good. But than that of the UK and the USA.

India’s recovery numbers are promising

The data suggests that those in India who have been diagnosed with the virus are recovering from it faster than they are dying from it.


India’s death rate is also very low.

India has so far recorded about 20,160 deaths from Covid-19. In absolute numbers, that is the eighth highest tally in the world. But per million of the population, it is low.

So relax fans, be happy he’s not in the US or UK.

GE2020: “send money!”

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The very surprising (and pleasant even though I got most things wrong: My GE2020 predictions) results reminded me of what a 19-year old Kenyan, Elsa Majimbo, who has become a social media sensation in Kenya for her humorous viral video monologues.

In one of her Instagram videos the 19-year-old tells the suitor staying at home during the coronavirus not to be “sending hugs, sending money… send money!”

“You want to send useless things and you have my bank details and address?”

Sounds like the message 39% of the voters are sending PM, Heng and the PAP, “Cut the bullshit, send the money”.

Covid-19: What India gets right

In India on 10/07/2020 at 2:27 pm

India gets a bad press internationally  because six months after its first confirmed infection it has overtaken Russia to record the world’s third largest number of Covid-19 cases.

But amidst all the criticism two facts stand out.

India’s recovery numbers are promising

The data suggests that those in India who have been diagnosed with the virus are recovering from it faster than they are dying from it.

India’s death rate is also very low

India has so far recorded about 20,160 deaths from Covid-19. In absolute numbers, that is the eighth highest tally in the world. But per million of the population, it is low.

GE2020: Terry is right

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Terry’s Online Channel is absolutely right

SAD. We already know the result: Why even with 4G donkeys, PAP will retain power and Is there really a better alternative to PAP 4G?.

Be prepared to Pay and Pay: Why Pay And Pay govt wants elections earlier than later.

UNLESS PAP gets only 60% of the popular vote: Why 65% of the popular vote is so impt to the PAP.

Vote wisely.

Covid-19: More Pakistanis are dying than Indians

In India on 09/07/2020 at 6:08 pm

In the time of Covid-19, better to be a Muslim in India than in Pakistan. Btw, better to be a Muslim in Bangladesh than in India or Pakistan.

Heng should give diners 50% off on eating out

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Here’s a constructive, nation-building suggestion to help the food and beverage industry. We should have something like what is being planned in the UK.

in the UK, diners will get a 50% discount off their restaurant bill during August. Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled the “eat out to help out” discount as part of a series of measures to restart the economy.

The deal means people can get up to £10 off per head if they eat out from Monday to Wednesday. The discount will not apply to alcohol, but to food and soft drinks up to £10 per person.

The 50% discount can be used unlimited times during August and applies to participating restaurants, cafés, and pubs across the UK.

Extend it to hawker centres’ and food courts and Heng will be a really popular guy, and the PAP a really popular party.

Too bad it’s too late to announce this election winner.

Election Dept cares for us oldies, they really do

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The Election Dept (part of the PM’s Office) really cares for those of us aged 65+.

Tomorrow, 8-10am has been allocated for us (and family members helping us to get to the polling centres) to vote.

 Also the ED says, “It is a valid reason to not vote because you are unwell.” There’s no mention of the need to produce a medical certificate when applying to be reinstated as a voter.

So if you are an ingrate oldie, feel free to take the day off. But if people like Lim Tean, Goh Meng Seng, Tan Jee Say, s/o JBJ and Raeesah Khan become MPs as a result, you’d better offer prayers and food to the 9th Immortal.

My GE2020 predictions

In Political governance on 08/07/2020 at 5:23 am

OK, OK, more like guesstimates and wishful thinking.

The Wankers will be reduced to Hougang. Bayee will have to shoulder the blame of losing Aljunied because moderate Chinese WP voters are wondering why they should support the Wankers after they fielded Ms Khan who shows no remorse about remarks about Chinese, Christians and the judiciary.

Yes she apologised, but only for hurting feelings, not for the underlying sentiments about Chinese, Christians and the judiciary. In the old days, pre Bayee, WP MP candidates were vetted to ensure that they were white sheets of paper, not colourful sheets of paper. The WP under Low was mindful of its public image as a respectable multiracial, albeit with a yellow flavour.

Bayee will resign as Sec-Gen and Dennis Tan will be the new Sec-Gen. Low has returned!

(Btw, even without Heng leading the PAP team, they’d lose East Coast. The Wankers are only wanking themselves if they really tot they could win East Coast. Even if Ivan Lim were the PAP’s lead candidate, the PAP would win. Fyi, I live juz outside the GRC: in Joo Chiat ward.)

Mad Dog will lose and he’ll go round biting everyone.

Lim Tean’s teams will all lose their deposits. As will Goh Meng Seng. This is wishful thinking rather than guesstimate.

S/o JBJ will finally balek UK. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He spent most of circuit breaker in the UK.

PSP will win the West Coast and Dr Paul win enter parly as an MP.

PAP will win anywhere between 65-70% of the popular vote. But many older votes (65 and above) will not be voting because of fears of catching Covid-19. The authorities have told them: “It is a valid reason to not vote because you are unwell.” There’s no mention of the need to produce an MC when applying to be reinstated as a voter.

Vote wisely to try to keep the PAP’s share of the vote about 60%: why 65% of the popular vote is so impt to the PAP. This is the only way to ensure we won’t have to Pay And Pay: .Why Pay And Pay govt wants elections earlier than later

Why no party include this in their manifestos?

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A 4-day working week.

Yet the PAP and the leading Oppo parties talk about increasing productivity.

There is serious evidence that makes workers more productive.

Microsoft reported a 40% increase in productivity when it gave its 2,300 employees in Japan Fridays off. A New Zealand company, Perpetual Guardian, also found staff surfed the internet less in a similar experiment.

The UK Labour party floated the idea of a four-day working week last year and Finland’s Prime Minister promises to deliver three-day weekends.

The Oppo parties believe like the PAP that “Work will set one free”?

The original is “Arbeit macht frei”.


Covid-19: India surpasses Russia

In India on 06/07/2020 at 2:58 pm

India has recorded more than 24,000 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours. India now has the third-largest number of confirmed cases in the world, 697,413. There have been 19,693 deaths.

The latest surge in numbers has also been caused by a rise in cases from a few of southern states, including Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

GE 2020: LKY is dead! Long live LKY!

In Political governance on 06/07/2020 at 4:50 am

As usual LHL is talking cock when he said

There will be no LKY bonus or SG50 to help the ruling party

He obviously forgot about the $1200++ we got and all the other Budget goodies: Cheat sheet for Fortitude Budget and other Budgets.

More talking cock by LHL

Xia suay! LKY’s really dishonourable son?

Speaking truth to LHY


But then this kind of $ is “peanuts” for him.

Seriously, this GE is still about LKY’s legacy because the PM in waiting is the last direct link we will ever have with LKY: years ago, he was handpicked by LKY for greater things and he passed LKY’s tests with flying colours.

LKY described Heng as the best principal private secretary he ever had.

He has one of the finest minds among the civil servants I have worked with.

“One Man’s View of the World” by one Harry Lee

(To be fair LKY made this snide remark about him: “The only pity is that he is not of a big bulk, which makes a difference in a mass rally.”.

A really wicked tot: Maybe the 9th Immortal arranged for Covid-19 so that Heng could avoid addressing a mass rally? Only joking leh.)

Joke’s aside, this is the last and final chance for voters to ensure that LKY lives through the man he says:

He has one of the finest minds among the civil servants I have worked with“One Man’s View of the World”

Vote wisely.

Criticism of PAP govt’s handling of Covid-19 is really “noise”

In Political governance, Public Administration on 05/07/2020 at 5:13 am

Not me but Blackbox.

Interesting that the PAP govt’s standing has not been diminished by the cock up over FTs that resulted a lockdown (albeit a soft one) circuit breaker being imposed. If you read TRE and other anti-PAP alt media or social media, you’d think that the only reason S’poreans are not rioting over the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic is fear of further govt repression.

Reasons why S’pore give the PAP govt the benefit of the doubt on the FT dorms?

FT dorms scandal: Blame NIMBY S’poreans not the PAP govt (Ownself blame ownself)

Covid-19: We have our FT Indian workers, Poland has its coal miners (World wide problem)

Ang mohs rioted meh? Not South Asians? Workers’ dorms are multi-racial? (Pay-back time for rioting)

Covid-19: “Well-off” local family living (almost) like manual workers from India (Many S’poreans live like FT dorm workers)

Would the dorm workers prefer to be repatriated to India and Bangladesh? (Better here than back home)

Schematic on how Covid-19 affects the body explains why infected Indian dorm workers are still alive (Btw Covid-19: Death loves diabetic ethnic Indians in hospital and Covid-19: Ethnic Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis got higher death rates in UK)

Vote for the PAP if you enjoy watching movies from home

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The UN Economic Commission for Africa reports downloading a five-gigabyte film in Ethiopia or the Democratic Republic of Congo can take between 12 and 14 hours, versus just over 11 minutes in S’pore.

Can India afford to boycott Chinese investors?

In China, India on 03/07/2020 at 1:44 pm

Chinese killed 20 Indian jawans and seized Indian territory.

India retaliated by banning ByteDance’s hugely popular video-streaming app TikTok and 598 other Chinese apps on national security concerns.

Not that silly of India because this significantly narrows a top growth market for Chinese technology firms and may embolden other governments to shut them out.

Fuelled by cheap data and a young population, TikTok has picked up some 200 million users in three years in India.

The popular mobile app features snappy, shareable videos, often catering to teens and other young people. Using filters, sounds, music and hashtags, young Indians upload songs, dances, pranks, comedy skits, career tips, challenges, language and yoga lessons.


Interestingly, the blacklist excludes India’s most valuable startups, including the US$16 billion payments giant Paytm, backed by Ant Financial, as well as education star Byju’s, which counts Tencent as an investor. Alibaba and Tencent also invested billions of dollars into other Indian startups such as Zomato, Big Basket and Ola. In total, 18 of India’s 30 unicorns have Chinese funding, Gateway House, a Mumbai-based thinktank calculates. But new investment rules and rising anti-China sentiment may slow the overall flow of capital from the People’s Republic and that will hurt growth.

India and China have also become increasingly integrated in recent years. Chinese giants deeply “embedding themselves” in India’s socio-economic and technology ecosystem, according to Gateway.

“There have been more than 90 Chinese investments in Indian startups, most of them made over the last five years. Eighteen out of 30 Indian unicorns [tech startups valued at over $1bn] have a Chinese investor,” says Amit Bhandari, an analyst at Gateway house.

At $6.2bn, direct Chinese investment in India appears relatively small. But, Mr Bhandari says, restricting Alibaba and other Chinese tech giants from creating monopolies in the Indian market will be crucial given the “outsized impact” of these investments.

India has already amended its FDI (foreign direct investment) rules to stave off hostile takeovers of Indian companies.

Uncle Leong wants accountability from PAP govt but not from his fellow candidate, Lim Tean

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What a hypocrite. SAD.

Leong Sze Hian, a member of Peoples Voice Political Party (PV) and its candidate for Jalan Besar GRC along with Lim Tean said he will champion greater accountability and transparency in Parliament if voted in.


Come on Uncle Leong. Why u stand with Lim Tean who has collected money for three various projects but not delivered on two of them? And the one projected that was delivered was a year late and rubbish.

September 2018 was the first anniversary of Lim Tean’s failure to deliver on his jobs rally and defamation video: he had claimed he had raised money to ensure the success of these projects. No pix, no sound: Lim Tean’s first anniversary of BSing

Also no pix, no sound on class action law suit against CPF despite side-kick claiming that

Once the required resources, not just financially, are in place and before the suit is launched, there will be more updates. Action speaks louder than words.

Phillip Ang

CPF class action: Phillip Ang’s “reply’ to fellow cybernut?

To be fair Lim Tean delivered on the defamation video: in January 2019, first promised in Sept 2017. Whatever happened to Lim Tean’s defamation video? And his jobs rally?

Don’t vote for Lim Tean and Uncle Leong. Btw, Lim Tean is also Leon’s lawyer in PM’s defamation suit against Leong.

Covid-19: PAP govt praised by US expert

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On Monday, Dr Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC, warned that the US is not responding like other countries who have shown success in containing the coronavirus, and has allowed the virus to spread much more widely and rapidly.

“We’re not in the situation of New Zealand or Singapore or Korea where a new case is rapidly identified and all the contacts are traced and people are isolated who are sick and people who are exposed are quarantined and they can keep things under control,” Dr Schuchat said in an interview with the Journal of the American Medical Association.

New Zealand declared the country infection-free on 8 June, and since then has had to contain several cases that came from international travellers. South Korea has aggressively employed contact tracers, and since 1 April has recorded fewer than 100 cases per day. Singapore’s outbreak peaked in mid-April when 1,400 new cases were reported in one day.

BBC report

OK, OK, she didn’t juz praise our PAP govt, but going by what Lim Tean, Goh Meng Seng and TOC and other anti-PAP alt media are saying, The PAP govt is mishandling the pandemic.

Btw, staying safe is all about avoiding the three Cs: closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places with many people nearby and close-contact settings, such as close-range conversations.

Will the PAP govt ensure that these things can be avoided when we vote?

Covid-19: Ang moh runs up US$85,000 bill

In Vietnam on 01/07/2020 at 7:13 am

Fortunately for him and us, it’s not here.

An ang moh pilot who got Covid-19 while boozing at the Buddha Bar* in Ho Chi Min City was put on an Ecmo machine for eight-and-a-half weeks.  This machine is only used in the most extreme cases, to try to keep a patient alive. The machine extracts blood from a patient’s body and infuse it with oxygen, before pumping it back in.

An Ecmo machine costs US$5,000-10,000 a day to operate and he was reliant on one for eight-and-a-half weeks.

The ongoing wrangling over who will cover the costs are causing him stress and diverting attention away from his recovery. At first, the Hospital for Tropical Diseases paid out of its own pocket for his treatment. Then, it seemed the British embassy would intervene. His work insurance eventually covered the cost. But the funds for his stay in Cho Ray Hospital are still up in the air.

If he had died, it would have been a first for Vietnam: no recorded death from Covid-19.

*The Buddha bar cluster, as it became known in the local press, was the single biggest outbreak of coronavirus in south Vietnam, infecting nearly 20 people both indirectly and directly.


White Privilege in the US same as Chinese Privilege here?

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Here’s an extract from a very long letter a BBC correspondent based in New York City wrote to his newly born baby:

What I can tell you is that your pigmentation confers privilege. It grants you the presumption of innocence. It offers a large measure of protection if the car we’re driving in is pulled over by police. The strong likelihood is that you will live longer than a black baby born on the same night; earn more money for the same work; stand a better chance of completing your education and graduating from university.

What do you think? Do his sentiments apply here too vis-a-vis minorities especially the Malays.

Or that is it not true about the Indians (Remember an Indian now in self-exile in Oz claims copyright over the term “Chinese Privilege”).

Remember that the Indians here are so overrepresented among PAP MPs and ministers, that there are no Mama Indian PAP candidate MPs this time round: Xia suay! Why want so many Indians?

Rumour has it that a Mama Indian supremacist asked Minister Kee Chiu why there were no Indian PAP candidates.

China sends kung fu experts to border with India/ Modi caught lying

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News of the army’s new martial arts trainers was reported by official Chinese news outlets on 20 June, according to Hong Kong media.

State broadcaster CCTV said 20 fighters from the Enbo Fight Club would be based in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, although Chinese media had not confirmed they would be training troops on the border with India.


Wow looks like China’s serious about defending its territorial gains. Contrary to what Modi claims, Indian experts have published photos of the new line of actual control that Chinese has established. It’s inside territory that once was within India’s line of actual control. BBC report (with photos):

Covid-19: Death loves the obese with hypertension and diabetes, not the elderly

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It is not old age, it is obesity that kills, the BBC African Service reports.

The evidence from several South African hospitals suggests that alarmingly high levels of obesity – along with hypertension and diabetes – in younger Covid-19 patients are linked to many fatalities.

It is believed that as many (about seven million) South Africans suffer from hypertension and diabetes as from HIV. That is one in eight of the population. Some of them are undiagnosed.

Two-thirds of coronavirus deaths in South Africa so far are among people aged under 65, according to a Prof Madhi, “Obesity is a big issue, along with hypertension and diabetes.”

Covid-19: India’s Tata looking to UK for £1bn loan

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India’s pride, the Tata group is looking to the UK govt for help. Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Steel are trying to get the UK govt to lend them £1bn. Each is looking at a loan of about £500m.

The Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank (all of which are state-owned) and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank gave a £560m credit line to JLR after the UK govt told JLR to bugger off because its bonds are rated as junk. Like other car makers, JLR is short of cash because of Covid-19 has disrupted the supply and demand for cars.

Covid-19: China rescues India’s Tata


The reason why Indian banks couldn’t lend the money to Jaguar Land Rover is because of a very slow-burning crisis in the Indian financial system. A long history of bad lending decisions and poor governance has led to serious problems in India’s banks, shadow banks and mutual funds.

China humiliates India twice in June

Xia suay! Why want so many Indians?

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“You Mama tua kee isit? You want S’pore to be like Fiji or Belize Suriname where Indian politicians rule the roost despite not being the majority ethnic race? Don’t know they wreck the countries isit?. Remember China beat the crap out of India recently. Kill so many Indians but Modi sat down and shut up. LOL.”

This happily was not the response of Kee Chiu when asked about the lack of prospective Indian candidates.

He responded by saying that the PAP had nine Indian candidates who served in the previous term of government, six of whom were officeholders.

“So the quality of our Indian candidates is very high,” he said. “We are confident that as a slate, our representation of the Indian community is above national average.”


Very diplomatic our Kee Chiu who once called HK’s CEO “Xia suay”.

He could have said undiplomatically, “Enough Indians. They already exceed their quota.”


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Using ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria to invest is hot in fund mgt and a survey by Nuveen (an American fund mgr) found that most investors believe ESG helps them make more money.

The problem is that under ESG criteria energy stocks are haram. And in the last 10 yrs energy has underperformed, from 11% of S&P now 4%.

So will this good performance of ESG continue now that energy’s weightings have gone down. I doubt it.

Can India afford to boycott Chinese products?

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Well according to a BBC report (, senior Indian businessmen say that boycotting Chinese goods is like choking oneself to death. India can’t breath without importing Chinese goods.

China is India’s second-largest trading partner after the US. It accounts for nearly 12% of India’s imports in sectors such as chemicals, automotive components, consumer electronics and pharmaceuticals.

“At least 70% of India’s drug intermediary needs are fulfilled by China,” Sudarshan Jain, president of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance, told the BBC.

India’s booming smartphone sector is heavily dependent on cheap Chinese phones made by Oppo, Xaomi and others who dominate the local market. These phones are “made in India” but the parts are imported from China.

Most consumer electronics and many industrial equipment makers say they need crucial intermediate goods from China.

Covid-19: “kung flu”

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That’s the latest name Trump has called the virus causing the global pandemic.

He first called it the “China” virus, then the “Wuhan” virus and now the “kung flu”.

Very clear who he is blaming for over 2.3m Americans catching the virus and killing over 120,000 of them.

FT dorms scandal: Blame NIMBY S’poreans not the PAP govt

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Not me but the Economist on Not In My Back Yard S,poreans:

Migrant workers are vital to Singapore’s economy, as they make up two-fifths of the labour force. But they are not a popular cause.

So it is brave of the government to pick a fight with voters on the subject, with an election expected within months.

On June 1st Lawrence Wong, co-chair of Singapore’s covid-19 task-force, announced plans to build lower-density dormitories for some 100,000 migrant workers. The new housing, he warned, would inevitably encroach on other residential areas. When the government built workers’ dormitories in one central district in 2009, the pap was subsequently thumped at the ballot box there.

And alt media and anti-PAP social activists keep blaming the PAP for the FT dorm problem.

Notice the deafening licence from the Wankers, Lim Tean and Goh Meng Seng and other oppos on the FT dorms’ problems?

The worst electoral showing for the ruling People’s Action Party (pap) was in 2011, when the opposition put a call for fewer migrants at the heart of their campaign.


Only the SDP has spoken out on the FT dorms’ problems.

Covid-19: India rising

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But not in a good way. Second to Brazil in acceleration phase.

Btw, last week India overtook the UK to have the fourth-highest number of Covid-19 infections globally.


Covid-19: Death loves diabetic ethnic Indians in hospital

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In great danger of meeting

if hospitalised for Covid-19: diabetic ethnic Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis living in the UK.

South Asian people are the most likely to die from coronavirus after being admitted to hospital in Great Britain, major analysis shows.

It is the only ethnic group to have a raised risk of death in hospital and is partly due to high levels of diabetes.

The study is hugely significant as it assessed data from four-in-10 of all hospital patients with Covid-19.

How TLCs perform before/ after GEs and latest TLC consensus forecasts

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OCBC report dated 12 June 2020

Why isn’t Australia targeting India as Oz’s next golden goose in place of China?

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Oz has grown rich because of China’s growth into an economic superpower second only to the US of A.

For the past decade, China has been Australia’s largest trading partner and now accounts for 32.6% of its exports.

Australia’s mines have delivered iron ore, coal and gas to fuel China’s growth – preferred to rivals in Brazil for their quality and geographic proximity. It’s a deal that benefits both nations.

Other sectors – education, tourism, agriculture, wine – have also flourished in the Chinese market.


But now Oz is over reliant on China. And China is now squeezing Oz’s balls and pussies: think the barley tariffs, the warning to Chinese students wanting to study there that Oz are racists (But then Ozzies are equal opportunity racists. They also don’t like Indians: think the Melbourne incidents.), and the threats to buy less Oz agricultural products. All because China thinks Australia should sit down and shut up and not criticise China. They should just take China’s money and be grateful.

So Oz is trying to diversify away from China. Korea, Japan and Vietnam are major target markets.

India should be a major target market but Australia only has set a goal to send A$45bn (US$31bn) in annual exports (A$25bn in 2019) to India by 2035: yes 2035. Last year, it sold more than A$200bn to China alone.

Maybe Ozzies think Indians are unlikely to become as rich as the Chinese? And that India will remain poor and an economic pygmy, unlike China? And Vietnam has a better chance of becoming the next golden goose?

Or that yellow skins are better than dark skins?


Wah so many property developers

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This table shocked me. Only listcos btw.

China humiliates India twice in June

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You would have read in the Indian and international media (China slaps Modi, will Modi just sit down and shut up?) about how the Indian army got beaten up.

But it’s a lot worse for India. It’s the second Chinese humiliation in June. I reported this in early June

OK, OK, I exaggerate, China only rescues Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a British car maker, part of Tata Motors since 2008.

The Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank (all of which are state-owned) and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank gave a £560m credit line to JLR after the UK govt told JLR to bugger off because its bonds are rated as junk. Like other car makers, JLR is short of cash because of Covid-19 has disrupted the supply and demand for cars.

:Covid-19: China rescues India’s Tata.

The reason why Indian banks couldn’t lend the money to Jaguar Land Rover is because of a very slow-burning crisis in the Indian financial system. A long history of bad lending decisions and poor governance has led to serious problems in India’s banks, shadow banks and mutual funds.

The result? Indian banks had no money to help out Tata Motors. Chinese banks were more than willing to lend, doing their patriotic duty of showing up India’s pretensions of being China’s equal.

Time for Modi to do something rather than bully defenceless Muslims and jobless workers.

Stand up for India, Modi.

Proud ethnic Indians overseas are getting tired of being sneered at by racist ethnic Chinese: “We’re far superior to Indians and what happened on Monday proved it.”

But cows are likely to fly before Modi does anything to make overseas ethnic Indians proud again.

Time to Make India Great Again?

Four in five fund managers believe stocks ‘overvalued’

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Xia suay. So why market keeps flying?

But as market keeps going up, it means that a lot of these “bears” are actually buying. Fear of missing out and “greater fool out there”.

China slaps Modi, will Modi just sit down and shut up?

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Or will he Walk the Talk of defending India’s borders and ninour?

At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with Chinese forces in Ladakh in the disputed Kashmir region, Indian officials say.

Chinese casualties are unknown. But, the editor of Global Times, a state-run tabloid, acknowledged the Chinese casualties in a tweet.

 “The Chinese seem to have brought iron rods, sticks studded with metal tips and stones,” says Nitin Gokhale, an Indian defence analyst quoted by the Ecomomist.

Most probably he’ll Choke the Talk? Remember that he let Pakistan walk all over India in the last round of hostilities.

And that was only Pakistan. This is China, home of the Wuhan virus.

But maybe, he’ll call on Uncle Trump to beat up China? And Modi thinks India’s an emerging superpower like China?

S’pore: Where we really have choices

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On her FB page, a friend (real life) who migrated to Australia (her genius of a son could not pass Chinese to save his life and ended up in neighbourhood “good” school: not good enough for mummy) in a conversation about purchasing power parity (The PPP is a macroeconomic tool that allows the comparison of what it costs to buy the same/similar basket of goods across different countries.) wrote: 

In my observation Singapore has a big range, so happily the options are many – in housing, transport, dining & food. If one is happy/limited to shelter in public housing, MRT/uber & airconed hawker centres/bistros you can have a pretty decent life. In Australia the range is much narrower, for instance, there isin’t that many ultra-expensive restaurants nor cheap and good food outlets

She also analysed the relative rankings of S’pore and Oz:

Surprisingly Singapore just scraped through at #50 of the world’s most expensive countries with a price level of minus 4% below average. Australia has the dubious honour of being #6 with a price level of +68% above average.

Whatever, we may be living in a de facto one-party state, but we sure can mix and match our life style choices.

Vote wisely: Is there really a better alternative to PAP 4G?

But try to make sure PAP share of the vote juz exceeds 60%: Why 65% of the popular vote is so impt to the PAP. If more sure to PAP and Pay

Pay And Pay

Articles and analysis of various “price increase” written by Uncle Leong* (Remember him?)

Water – “PUB: $1.1b profits last 7 years – how much last 53 years? (Feb 24, 2017)

Service & Conservancy Charges – “S & CC: A truly caring Govt?” (Feb 17, 2017)

Gas – “City Gas prices to rise by 4.5 per cent from Feb 1” (Jan 31, 2017)

Electricity – “Electricity: One of the highest in the world? (Jan 1, 2017)

Childcare fees – “Fee hikes at 200 childcare centres this year” (Jan 1, 2017)

Parking – “HDB car park rates increase 60%? (Dec 16, 2016)

Rubbish fees – “Rubbish fees up: NEA surplus up 32.9%? (Nov 8, 2016)

University hostel fees – “University hostel fees up 6.8% p.a. despite $1b surplus?” (Jun 28, 2016)

Taxis licensing – “Taxi drivers hit by triple whammy?” (Jun 24, 2016)

Hawkers’ misc fees – “Hawkers’ misc fees increased by ? %? (Jun 22, 2016)

Why Pay And Pay govt wants elections earlier than later


*PM’s defamation suit against Uncle Leong coming to court soon. Talk cock, sing song Lim Tean is defending him but charging a lot of money. Not pro bono work.

Covid-19: What are the risks indoors in a restaurant?

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Further to Covid-19: What about the risks at work?, as we are opening up, an where a second wave of infections will start is probably in eating places, especially air-conditioned places.

In, the BBC reports on a study in the Chinese city of Guangzhou which tracked how a cluster of infections occurred in a restaurant that has implications for air travel too. Click on the link for the illustrations that accompany the text.

Here’s a longish extract

Sitting at tables that were one metre apart, people were having a meal last January.

One of the diners was infected with coronavirus but hadn’t realised because they had no symptoms.

But in the following days, another nine people who’d been in the restaurant at the time came down with Covid-19 – including five who’d been sitting at other tables several metres away.
Scientists investigating the infections reached a conclusion about the most likely route of transmission: that droplets containing the virus – released by the infected person – were circulated by air conditioning.

“The key factor for infection was the direction of the airflow,” their study says, blaming two air conditioning units mounted high on a wall.

This is not proof that the virus can be spread this way but the research certainly suggests that it is a plausible route.

And, if confirmed, it would mean that in any room with a similar system of ventilation, even moving tables more than one metre apart would still not guarantee to keep people safe.

What do we know about the effect of ventilation?
To try to understand the risks, a team from the University of Oregon, specialising in the study of microbes in buildings, simulated different types of ventilation in a restaurant.

In one scenario, someone at a corner table coughs without covering their mouth and releases droplets and particles that are projected through the air.

The largest droplets land on their own table – that’s what you’d expect with the WHO’s ‘one metre rule’.

Computer modelling by the University of Oregon showing the potential spread of coronavirus in a restaurant with an air conditioning unit
But smaller ones reach beyond the immediate area and are caught in a current of air coming from an air conditioning unit at the other end of the room.

The result is similar to what’s thought to have happened in the restaurant in Guangzhou: tiny droplets and particles are spread to people at other tables.

As with that study, this simulation doesn’t prove that the coronavirus can be transmitted this way or, if it did, that it would make anyone ill.

That depends on whether the virus is still active after being blown across the room and on whether the person receiving it gets a large enough “dose” – but the possibility of infection can’t be ruled out.

According Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, professor of architecture at the University of Oregon, who led the study, the virus “can be spread further than people might realise”.

What can be done to make restaurants safer?

The Oregon team simulated another scenario in the same restaurant in which there’s an open window beside the person who coughs and an extractor vent on the opposite wall.

This time the cloud of droplets and particles is not pushed around the room but instead travels in a fairly direct line from window to vent with the result that fewer people are caught in it.

A flow of fresh air to dilute the virus is one of several techniques highlighted by the team as options for managing Covid-19.

The simulations showed how fresh air from an open window could carry the virus to a vent

“It’s really impossible to completely eliminate risk,” says Prof Van Den Wymelenberg, “but what we showed was a concept for how you could reduce transmission.”

“The good news is that there are things you can do to make safer spaces.”

In addition to bringing in fresh air through windows or mechanical ventilation, other options include improving the standard of filtration and also humidifying the air – moist conditions might encourage droplets to sink to the floor.

What does this mean on planes?

Social distancing isn’t likely to be possible – unless the aircraft is half empty – and by definition you’ll be in close contact with others for more than 15 minutes.

So on the basis of those two key factors, the risks may well be higher. The question of ventilation is more debatable.

On the one hand, the air in the cabin is constantly circulated so if someone coughs, even a few rows away, there is a chance the infection will be spread.

On the other hand, modern aircraft filter the cabin air every few minutes and to a high standard.

Covid-19: Indians dying like flies in Modi’s home state

In India on 14/06/2020 at 2:11 pm

Ahmedabad, home to more than seven million, is the largest city in the western state of Gujarat.

It’s also the worst-affected by the pandemic, accounting for more than 75% of the state’s caseload, and nearly all of its deaths.

With more than 21,500 confirmed cases, Gujarat has India’s fourth highest caseload. But the state’s fatality rate – the proportion of Covid-19 patients who have died – is the highest at 6.2%. This is more than double the national average of 2.8%.

(Emphasis mine)

What’s the point of being PM of India if Modi can’t help his home state?

Covid-19: S’pore better off if Queen Jos was PM?

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In a recent article in Covid Economics, an online economics journal, economists double confirmed the impression that countries with female leaders have on average had fewer Covid-19 deaths.

They (Because they are economically illiterate?) systematically locked down their economies more quickly on average than their male counterparts.

Related posts: Queen Jos keeps on talking cock, Hen, JosT, GraceF: Money, money, money and IE S’pore & Jos’ point about perfection

Covid-19: Good, 1m social distance; 2m better

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A study in the Lancet last week suggested the risk of catching Covid-19 from an infected person was 13% below 1m, but 3% at 1m or more, halving for each extra metre. suggested the risk of catching Covid-19 from an infected person was 13 per cent below 1m, but 3 per cent at 1m or more, halving for each extra metre.

WHO recommends one metre, as do France, Denmark, Singapore and China. Germany, Italy and Australia use 1.5m. UK, Switzerland, Spain and Canada 2m.

Whatever, wearing mask and keeping social distance of one-metre or more is very effective in reducing spread of Covid-19.


Social distancing in worker dormitories and many HDB flats (Remember two-room – one bed room – HDB flats can have max of 6 people and three room – 2 bed rooms – nine) is like “telling people to get under their tables when there’s an imminent nuclear war”. The quote is actually from an aid worker working in an overcrowded Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh describing the situation there.

Covid-19: “Well-off” local family living (almost) like manual workers from India

Btw, there’s a German study that says masks slow transmission by 40%.

So if cannot do 1m social distance, wear a mask and pray hard.

Covid-19: Harvard gives Trump the smoking gun that China lied about the Wuhan virus

In China on 12/06/2020 at 5:13 am

Harvard Medical School researchers have evidence suggesting that Covid-19 was already in Wunan in August 2019. Remember, China reported a cluster of cases on 31 December 2019, but later told the WHO that the earliest symptoms from these patients dated back to 8 December.

An apparent surge in traffic outside Wuhan hospitals from August 2019 may suggest the coronavirus hit the area earlier than reported, a study says.

Harvard researchers say satellite images show an increase in traffic outside five hospitals in the Chinese city from late August to December.

The traffic spike coincided with a rise in online searches for information on symptoms like “cough” and “diarrhoea”.

The Chinese government has rejected this study by Harvard Medical School researchers suggesting the coronavirus was spreading in China as early as August, well before 8 December 2019.

The methodology is circumstantial, based on satellite imagery of hospital parking lots in the city of Wuhan, the outbreak’s epicentre, and queries for terms like “diarrhoea” and “cough” on local search engine Baidu. It found uptrends in both kinds of traffic beginning in the late summer of 2019.

It’s far from conclusive, but the report keeps media spotlight on the bungled first phase of China’s response, a subject Beijing would rather the world forget.

Covid-19: The huge risk India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are taking and the reason why

In Financial competency, India on 11/06/2020 at 4:35 am

The risk: they are relaxing lockdowns even as new cases continue to increase.

The lockdowns may have made these countries’ curves of new infections less steep so far. But lockdowns did not flattened them. Millions are emerging from lockdown into an environment where Covid-19 infection is more widespread than when they went in.

At the current pace, the numbers are doubling every two weeks, suggesting that by the end of July, when some models predict the outbreak will peak, the official number infected may reach 5m and the death toll could approach 150,000.

But these countries had no choice. Because even at the best of times many people live hand-to-mouth. With lockdown, many were starving. and hence reopening the economy became more important than flattening the curve. Sad.

Covid-19: What about the risks at work?

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With lockdown being relaxed here and in other countries, This extract from the BBC is worth a read

In factories and offices, social distancing may be harder to follow.

Dr Julian Tang of the University of Leicester has come up an easy “breath test” to check if you’re too close to colleagues.

A consultant virologist at Leicester Royal Infirmary, he’s studied how the air is moved when people speak and concludes that something as simple as a conversation could pass the virus.

“If you can smell your friend’s breath – the garlic or curry or alcohol – you’re inhaling what they’re breathing out.

“And if you’re inhaling enough of that air to smell it, then you’re close enough to inhale any virus that’s also carried in the air with it.”

So how can transmission take place?

So far the public advice has focused on what’s called the “droplet” route, someone coughing or sneezing into the eyes, nose or mouth of a person nearby, which has led to the social distancing rules.

It’s also highlighted a second route – surfaces – in which a person who’s infected passes on the virus through contact either directly by shaking hands or by exhaling over surfaces like kitchen worktops.

Modelling by Hexagon/MSC Software showing how an infected person could pass the virus to a fellow passenger on a train.
Others then get the contamination on their hands, directly or by using the same space at work or at home – which is why handwashing is so important.

But there’s a third possibility as well – tiny droplets or particles being carried in the air by speech, for example and that route might be the most important, according to Dr Tang.

“When you’re talking to a colleague you don’t touch them, you don’t spit on them, most of the interaction is by voice and breathing.”

All of which reinforces the idea that there isn’t one way to stay safe: it involves social distancing and keeping any close contacts brief and checking for healthy ventilation.

Do go the article because there’s a very good illustration of how ventilation can spread Covid-19.

Covid-19: We have our FT Indian workers, Poland has its coal miners

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In the past six weeks, Poland has recorded roughly 300-400 new infections a day. 50% of these have come from Silesia, which accounts for just 12% of the population.

Silesia is the heartland of Poland’s coal industry and the narrow shafts are the incubators of Covid-19. They are like our dorms: “crowded and cramped” and hot and humid, great conditions for Covid-19 to incubate and spread.

Btw, remember this description about the places that incubate and spread Covid-19? Ho Ching should have added mines as Poland and South Africa can testify. And let’s face it, she’s talking cock, using her examples one can reasonably say that

“crowded and cramped” conditions of dorms is the cause of dorm outbreaks.

Ho Ching

She had wriiten

We shouldn’t jump to conclusion that “crowded and cramped” conditions of dorms is the cause of dorm outbreaks.

On a cruise ship, passengers have their own individual rooms, with ensuite bathrooms. They have different levels of luxury, some with balconies, others without. Yet, they too have big outbreaks.

Ditto aircraft carriers, where sailors may be famously pampered with on board ice cream machines and other social amenities.

Nursing homes are not cramped too, and prisons are generally designed to keep prisoners sleeping in separate quarters.

Ho Ching quoted in Covid-19: “Well-off” local family living (almost) like manual workers from India

As I’ve written before, since Ho Ching so free, she should go kick ass at Temasek Foundation

When a crown prince goes on a shopping spree

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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia. The Public Investment Fund a US$325bn sovereign wealth fund has used the recent market collapse to buy and buy.

Sia suay! 24% of S’poreans are more PAP than the PAP on our reseves

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Must be hardcore PAP MPs and other die die must support PAP’s Hard Truths like Liang Eng Hwa, Kate Spade Tin and Arthur Fong: PM aiming left, to hit the centre/ Axed? PAP MPs who don’t get it.

Think PAP govt really spending our reserves? Think again

The government has so far drawn down S$52 billion from our reserves to fund the packages.


“Peanuts”: our reserves estimated to be worth over US$710 billion or S$1 trillion by ang mohs. Only 5% of our reserves drawn down and do remember that S$13 million is for “contingencies”. Exclude that S$13 million and only 4% of reserves will be spent.

Bah humbug, a reasonable man may say.

Fortitude Budget is Peanuts

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Covid-19: China rescues India’s Tata

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OK, OK, I exaggerate, China only rescues Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a British car maker, part of Tata Motors since 2008.

The Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank (all of which are state-owned) and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank gave a £560m credit line to JLR after the UK govt told JLR to bugger off because its bonds are rated as junk. Like other car makers, JLR is short of cash because of Covid-19 has disrupted the supply and demand for cars.

Where were the Indian banks when Tata needed them? Chinese banks lend to a trophy asset of Tata, India’s pride and joy, when India and China are rowing: While India was fighting Covid-19, China invaded.

What’s in it for China? Telling Indians that its banks are better than that of India’s, most of which are according to the analysts are in dire need of capital because of bad debts to Indian tycoons.

JLR is Britain’s largest automotive manufacturer and designs, manufactures and sells some of the world’s best-known premium cars (the iconic Land Rovers), but sells most junk Jaguars.

Tata Motors got sold a dog. Sad. But then the Tata group very anglophile: British junk is the best.

S’poreans see Fortitude Budget no ak

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That’s the conclusion I draw from the following slides from Blackbox dated 4 June 2020. S’poreans not that stupid: they know Fortitude Budget full of BS and smoke and mirrors.

Covid-19: Whatever India can do, Pakistan tries to do better

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And with Covid-19, it has succeeded.

Pakistanis must be really proud that last Thursday, Pakistan joined India in surpassing China after a record 4,688 new Covid-19 ncases were registered in Pakistan during the previous 24 hours to take the tally to 85,246.

Here’s a BBC report on how bad things are in Pakistan: Worst than in India

Giving more reason for Pakistanis to be proud: ahead of China with 84,160 patients has been placed at 18th position, one rank lower than Pakistan, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University.

But it’ll dent Pakistan’s pride that India has the sixth-highest number of confirmed cases in the world. On Saturday, the BBC reported, India recorded close to 10,000 new cases of Covid-19 in the previous 24 hours, taking its total above that of Italy.

But Pakistanis should be very proud that on a per capita basis, more Pakistanis caught the virus than India. India is a demographic superpower, something Pakistan can never aspire to: 212.2 million v 1.353 billion (2018 data). India has over 236,657 cases. There have been 6,649 deaths.

Sometimes, nationalism takes some silly turns.

The bull market is dead! Long live the bull market!

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On Friday, the S&P index was up 2.9%, trimming its 2020 decline to less than one-tenth of 1 percentage point It now is juz 5.4% below its peak close on February 19.

We probably had the shortest bear market in history, after the longest bull market in history. Maybe we’ll have the shortest bull market in history?

Who knows?

We live in interesting times.

Covid-19: Bald men at greater risk of dying

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The UK’s Telegraph reports on research that suggests bald men may be at a higher risk of suffering severe symptoms of Covid-19.

Two studies of patients in Spain found that almost 80% of men with Covid-19 across three hospitals in Madrid were bald, leading some scientists to suggest it should be considered as a risk factor.

The lead author of the research thinks male sex hormones may play a part not only in hair loss, but also in boosting the ability of the virus to attack cells.

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Covid-19 pandemic: India isn’t alone: other countries that China bullies

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As reported in While India was fighting Covid-19, China invaded, last week, hundreds, maybe thousands of Chinese soldiers crossed China’s disputed border with India in the Western Himalayas. Minor scuffles are the norm, but the latest incursion came as the Global Times, a rabid state-owned Chinese paper asserted new claims to land that India says is Indian.

But this is not a lone incident. China has been pretty aggressive in bullying its neigbours.

Many had expected the Chinese Communist Party to send troops to crush last year’s protests in Hong Kong. Now, with the world distracted by the pandemic and mass protests difficult because of social distancing, it has acted by planning to impose on Hong Kong, a national security law, something the HK legislature has not been able to do.

In its building of island fortresses in the South China Sea, it ignores both international law and the claims of smaller neighbours. During the pandemic, there has been bullying of Vietnam, M’sia and Indonesia in the area

The most onimous threat

On May 22nd, at the opening of China’s rubber-stamp parliament, the prime minister, Li Keqiang, ominously cut the word “peaceful” from his ritual reference to reunification. China has stepped up war games around Taiwan and its nationalists have been braying online for an invasion.


Maybe Trump is right about the Wuhan virus being released by China.

Covid-19: India shoots its own foot

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US imports of pharmaceuticals from India dropped almost 40% in the first half of May compared with a year earlier.

In March, India restricted exports of various medical products including paracetamol as it sought to protect its own supplies.  It removed some of these restrictions in April and recently also ended restrictions on the export of active pharmaceutical ingredients of paracetamol. All this showed the restrictions were unnecessary in the first place.

But it was too late because it showed the US that India was an unreliable supplier of drugs, unlike China. Sad.

Btw, the funny thing is that India sources the main ingredient of paramactol from China. While price the shot up amid limited supplies (China had locked-down), China never ever banned its export to India. Who is the Communist country?

Why China refuses to give ang mohs face over HK

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BS that HK is an ang moh dominated biz centre (Think S’pore). It’s really a Chinese city.

In 2018 the number of mainland businesses with offices of any kind in the city eclipsed the number of American firms for the first time (see chart). Mainland companies accounted for 73% of the Hong Kong stockmarket at the end of last year, compared with 60% five years before. They also use HK to sell US$ and other foreign currency bonds

HK has reinvented itself yet again.

When it was founded by the British, it became the gateway to China. Then it stagnated as a backwater when from the late -19th century Shanghai became the gateway to China. Jardines, Swires and Hongkong & Shaghai Bank had bigger operations in HK than in HK. But it was the leading port in the Pearl Delta.

After WWII and the Communist takeover of China, it became a manufacturer of cheap plastic good and was the centre of smuggling into and out of China, helping China defeat US trade and financial embargoes. With the reopening up of China, it again became the gateway to China.

Now its becoming a major Chinese city.

Why America is Great Again

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Private sector company brings men to space station. Russia and China still rely on the state.

Why doesn’t MSM crow this fact about a S’porean Indian?

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Rajeev Suri, who runs Nokia of Finland, is a Singaporean citizen.

Why doesn’t our constructive, nation-building media or its new media running dogs publicise this fact?

Could it be because the constructive, nation-building media doesn’t dare or cannot draw attention to the fact that he seems to be a citizen of S’pore for the sake of convenience?

Try to establish his link to S’pore by reading his Wikipedia entry:

Covid-19: “Well-off” local family living (almost) like manual workers from India

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In an attempt to defend the failure of her hubby’s govt to realise that the FT dorms could become a Civid-19 breeding grounds like Jurong or Fairprice, Ho Ching wrote on FB,

We shouldn’t jump to conclusion that “crowded and cramped” conditions of dorms is the cause of dorm outbreaks.

On a cruise ship, passengers have their own individual rooms, with ensuite bathrooms. They have different levels of luxury, some with balconies, others without. Yet, they too have big outbreaks.

Ditto aircraft carriers, where sailors may be famously pampered with on board ice cream machines and other social amenities.

Nursing homes are not cramped too, and prisons are generally designed to keep prisoners sleeping in separate quarters.

Ho Ching

Pre Covid era

This reminded me that in an e-mail conversation with TWC2 (the champion of the FT workers), a month ago, resulting from a small donation (“Peanuts”), as an aside I told them of eight people living in a 2G HDB flat in Bishan, near J8, I warned them against overplaying the “cramped and crowded conditions” message because many S’poreans live in cramped and crowded conditions too. Not as bad, but still cramped and crowded.

The family are pretty well off materially, but there are 5 adults, 2 teenagers and one adult helper living in 4 HDB bed rooms + kitchen and living room. One of the adults had to return in March from the US when her college closed because of the pandemic.

Two kids and a maid sleep in one room in the HDB flat. Only one adult has a bed room to himself.

I had joked with the returning adult and her teenage sister that they should call their grand aunts and ask them if they could move in. One grand aunt lives alone in an old Tiong Bahru STI flat (the family home) and another in Eunos with a helper (Son is working overseas) in an HDB maisonette.

The family are coping so far but school has reopened and two of the adults are elderly, one of show is sickly. So …

Social distancing in worker dormitories and many HDB flats (Remember two-room – one bed room – HDB flats can have max of 6 people and three room – 2 bed rooms – nine) is like “telling people to get under their tables when there’s an imminent nuclear war”. The quote is actually from an aid worker working in an overcrowded Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh describing the situation there.

But it rings true in S’pore for those living in FT dormitories and many S’poreans living in HDB flats.

The very disgruntled Quitter living in Finland (Kids get free education there, can only get into neighbourhood “good” schools here because quitter can’t afford int’l schools here); ang moh tua kees like Kirsten Han; anti-PAP activists and cybernuts; and frustrated wannabe Sith Lords (now trying to reinvent themselves as Jedi) like ex-ST tua kee Bertha Henson forget that living in HDB flats during lockdown (or at any other time) can be very trying.

Hence many S’poreans lack empathy towards the cramped conditions the FTs live in, because they too live in small spaces. Prof Tommy Koh’s comment, “The way Singapore treats its foreign workers is not First World but Third World,” doesn’t resonate with them when it comes to cramped and crowded spaces.

But the quality of the food the FTs got did get S’poreans upset. Well the food has improved since then though TOC, The Idiots (but then they are “a bunch of Indians” according to Terry of Terry’s Online Channel), Kirsten Han and the Quitter from Finland seem to be demanding one-star Michelin food for the FTs, based on their FB comments.

Finaly Ho Ching seems to have a lot of free time. Gentle suggestion: Xia suay! Ho Ching should go kick ass at Temasek Foundation

Covid-19: Must be Jurong or Fairprice

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(Update on 1 June at 9.30am: Parkway Parade was on Sunday (May 31) added to a list of public places visited by COVID-19 cases during their infectious period. All I said about GCT and East is out-of-date. CNA reported this news late last night.)

Look at the list of public places (as of Sunday morning) visited by COVID-19 cases during their infectious period, and you will notice that Jurong is a notorious area for irresponsible people, local and FT: 52% of these spots are in Jurong. I’m not sure if all the Jurong spots are in Tharman’s GRC.

Want to get covid-19? Go to yr friendly NTUC Fairprice store: 47% of the spots are Fairprice stores. Cheapskates beware. Go shop at Cold Storage or Giant, both owned by ang moh Diary Farm, not by Pay And Pay affiliate NTUC. Ang moh owned co attracts more responsible customers?

Junction 8 in Jos Teo’s GRC has the dubious distinction of being the only building with two such spots. Looks like Bishan residents are irresponsible.

Btw, PM’s area has only one such spot. But Emeritus Minister’s GRC got no spot.

Finally housing in the East should soon command a premium. Responsible S’poreans and FTs live there: no spots.

While India was fighting Covid-19, China invaded

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Hmm maybe Trump and his War Minister (Sorry Secretary for Defence) are right that Covid-19 was made and propagated by China.

Officials quoted by the Indian media say thousands of Chinese troops have forced their way into the Galwan valley in Ladakh, in the disputed Kashmir region.

The reports say that in early May when India was in deep lockdown , Chinese forces set-up tents, dug trenches and moved heavy equipment several kilometres inside territory controlled and claimed by India. India had just completed building a road several hundred kilometres long connecting to a high-altitude forward air base which it reactivated in 2008.

Indian intelligence seems to have been caught sleeping. According to Indian media accounts, Indian soldiers were outnumbered and surrounded when China swiftly diverted men and machines from a military exercise to the border region.

This Chinese incursion triggered alarm in New Delhi. India has limited room for manoeuvre. It can either seek to persuade Beijing to withdraw its troops through dialogue or try to remove them by force. Neither is an easy option.

Covid-19 shows Western universities had been ripping-off India and China

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After China, India sends more students abroad to study than any other country – more than one million Indians were pursuing higher education programs overseas as of July 2019, according to India’s foreign ministry.

Until the pandemic, they kept Western universities happy, really happy.

Earlier this year, I was congratulating a friend about his daughter’s decision not to study in Australia. She had had set her heart to study in the UK or Oz and if she had, she’d be back in S’pore and studying via Zoom.

Her dad said it was her decision after comparing the fees.

When he told me the amount involved studying in Oz nowadays, I was shocked. He said the unis knew that they could charge Chinese and Indians these amounts and get away with it. He said the UK fees were juz as bad.

We agreed they were ripping-off overseas students.

As for US universities, I know a kid who could only study there because she was awarded a govt scholarship, and we are not talking about an Ivy League University, but a uni one rank below. But she’s back here because of the pandemic. Everything via Zoom and laptop.

God’s will.

America is Great Again

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Japs are on Americans’ tail.