Cybernuts’ predicting GE results/ Sad (Hard) truths for 30%ers

In Political governance on 06/01/2020 at 5:31 am

Can’t stop laughing at these predictions. The only marginal seat in S’pore is Aljunied GRC. Other than Forthress Hougang, the rest of S’pore has huge PAP majorities.

Conu eat shit:

My prediction is that PAP will suffer heavy losses.
LHL,Grace Foo,Chichen Hen ,Josephine Ho and minister for health mr gan will all loose their seats.All by narrow margins. SDP,PV and SPP will all enter parliament.THIS WILL SURELY HAPPEN as the sun rises every morning.
I sure wish to see the look on LHL face after he is kicked out of parliament.

This was in response to

My prediction for GE2020

1) Aljunied GRC: WP to hold Aljunied GRC with 52%-53% of votes

– PAP will not invest their manpower resource on Aljunied as PAP’s priority is to put heavyweight’s resources safeguarding East Coast GRC. Likely, it would be Victor Lye, Chua Eng Leong and three other candidates.
– SG50 and LKY’s sentiments had faded. PAP’s propaganda had been stirring AHTC till people feel sick about it and noted that PAP’s agenda of stirring AHTC is to bully WP.
– WP had improved on their Town Council’s management.
– WP will heavily emphasis that “If you don’t vote for us, there is only zero to one elected Opposition MP in Parliament”.

2) East Coast GRC

– LTK is the key to win East Coast GRC, together with Nicole Seah, Leon Perera and one new blood.
– PAP has not much heavyweight Minister left. Stroke Heng would still be Tampines GRC’s anchor Minister, Fish Tank Ong would be Sembawang GRC’s anchor and Kee Chiu would be Tanjong Pagar GRC’s anchor. Hence, PAP may send Grace Fu, Josephine Teo, Edwin Tong or Indranee Rajah to replace Lim Swee Say. PAP may keep Tharman to attack Tan Cheng Bock.

3) Fengshan SMC

– WP have 50/50 chances of winning it from incumbent MP Cheryl Chan.

4) West Coast GRC

– The chances of PSP win West Coast GRC are 40-42% (without Lee Hsien Yang) or 50% to 53% (with Lee Hsien Yang).

*Comment first appeared on HWZ.

What’s interesting is that none of these hard core cybernuts are predicting a victory for the

They not that dumb?

The sad truth for the 30%ers

Not Fake News: S’poreans still very satisfied with PAP govt

Is there really a better alternative to PAP 4G?

  1. who knows how to use a crystal ball ?

  2. Do you think PAP can repeat the 70% in GE2015 or do even better?

    If PAP’s overall vote share drops, doubt WP will lose Aljunied GRC

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