Xinjiang: What ang moh media doesn’t tell us?

In China on 15/01/2020 at 4:34 am

Do the ang moh tua kees who only read the NYT, Guardian and other woke publications know that in Xinjiang the homeland of  the Uighurs, there are 9m Han Chinese, versus 10m Uighurs.

And that

Many Han people in Xinjiang say they are not bothered by the intrusive security. “We’re all used to it, and in fact we like it because we know it keeps us safe,” says a woman surnamed Chen

I’m sure that the woke will say that the Han Chinese should not be in Xinjiang. But it’s part of China, so why shouldn’t Han Chinese live there. The woke want Xinjiang to be like a red injun reservation in the West?

  1. If I’m a marginal economic Han, I’d also seriously consider the various incentives to move to Xinjiang 😉

    And if I’m going to be surrounded more than 1-to-1 by actual & potential knifers / choppers / car rammers / truck rammers / bombers etc, sure as hell I’ll want even more surveillance & security forces. LOL!

    Bit like if we annexed Johor & those Sinkies who can’t really make it in high-cost “central” are incentivised to move to JB e.g. $100K bungalow, free car, allowances for the first 1-2 years etc. Sounds good … but what about safety & security??

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