Two more Chinese cities disallow travel for reunion dinners

In China on 24/01/2020 at 5:24 am

And Beijing cancels public events, closes Forbidden City.

Further to the restrictions on travel in Wuhan (China abolishes Chinese New Year reunion dinners), the international media report that similar restrictions now apply to nearby Huanggang city and Ezhou city.

In the forner, residents were told not to leave without a special reason, according to an announcement on a city government website. In Ezhou, trains were stopped from leaving or entering the city.


Beijing was cancelling large public events, including lunar new year celebrations, because of the coronavirus. Beijing’s Forbidden City, one of China’s biggest tourist attractions, said it would close until further notice.

FT report

The coming Rat year is not sounding good for Grandpa Xi. Swine fever, HK and Taiwan mooning him, and now a SARs like problem.  Why one-party rule sucks for Xi, Lee and Heng

  1. Will this delay the GE to after March 2020??

    But even if the situation worsens, most likely authorities around the world will be able to get a handle on it by Apr/May.

    And PAPies will surely capitalise on their “extraordinary efforts” to go to the polls in June.

    Trade & invest accordingly!

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