China sneezes, S’pore in intensive care

In China, Economy, Uncategorized on 03/02/2020 at 7:22 am

Koreans will die.

So will the Hongkies, Thais and M’sias. S’poreans, Japanese, Peenoys, Viet Kong, Diggers and Indons will be in the intensive care unit.


The only people happy in S’pore are those who wish S’pore ill: Fake news that S’poreans panicking about shortage of masks.

Anti-PAP activists and cybernuts love the opportiunity, or so they think, of spreading more fake news to sabo the PAP govt.

But they are deluded. Tom, I’ll post why the PAP govt will now win bigely this GE. The 4G leaders will get the 65% of the popular vote that they need.

Remember that I was negative about the 4G team getting 65% of the popular vote: Ground is not sweet for an early 2020 GE.

  1. Doesn’t take a genius to know that Sinkies will gravitate to PAPies when things look bad. PAPies just need to give moderate performance i.e. similar to most other countries elsewhere. The 65% pass mark is theirs to fail.

    Anyway this just shows the importance of global diversification.

    Also a very good opportunity to get quality Asian assets on the cheap — probably another 1-2 months to go.

  2. this looked clever half a year ago; now… “ha, u want SG to be like HK?” has become an unanswerable putdown

    when POFMA first came in, lots of whining, including Kirsten han in NYTimes;

    after POFMA notices on Wuhan rumours, who dares to whine more? heng swee kiat can breathe easier

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