Xia suay! LKY’s really dishonourable son?

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KNN! CCB! Xia suay! Son honour pa like this meh?

When I was a junior officer in the central bank, I was fortunate enough to work for someone who in a previous incarnation was the perm sec in the PMO’s office.

He once told me that LKY, was a stickler for accuracy and the truth. Anyone caught misrepresenting the truth, however innocently, to LKY got terminated ASAP. If LKY tot the person lied, it was terminated with extreme prejudice. 

So I can well imagine LKY’s ashes spinning in his urn (which are on a table in his Oxley Rise house, beside that his wife’s urn) if he knew what Lee Hsien Yang said in his sworn testimony to the disciplinary tribunal investigating his wife’s role in LKY’s final will.

“Statements he made need not be accurate because they were not sworn ones, said Mr Lee Hsien Yang, when asked why his statements on Facebook and in public were at odds with his testimony.”


“He said his public statements could be inaccurate because they are not sworn statements and thus he may not look at them carefully,” said the tribunal.


“Mr Lee admitted in cross-examination that aspects of the posts could be misleading and inaccurate,”

Not only would LKY be upset, so would ma. My friend was her pupil in Lee & Lee and said she was a stickler for accuracy and the truth.

Lee Hsien Loong’s Yang’s wife said she looked forward to defending herself in open court. The tribunal’s findings will go before a court made up of three high court judges.

I look forward to learning if the findings of the tribunal about LHY’s integrity are upheld or thrown out by the judges. I once wrote:

 As a son of LKY, Lee Hsien Yang would have learnt the importance of defending his integrity. He could do no less as a son of Harry than to attack his brother’s integrity in return.

Just a tot, maybe, the constructive, nation-building quoted what he said out of context?

Whatever, for the record, I’ve always had a problem with statements uttered by LHY in 2017 on FB about his wife’s role in relation to LKY’s final will. From 2017: Can understand why SD wanted from Hsien Yang and Talking cock about the will.

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PM should have just sat down and shut up not tell his subordinates his concerns.

  1. twitter is rather quiet on this; @kixes Kirsten han in a long thread dwelled on a less central aspect, whether LKY was too frail to know what he was signing, but the more significant parts r LeeSF acted with conflict of interest & spoke “inaccurately” to tribunal

    curiously missing info: did LeeSF’s law firm bill LKY for will signing? if LeeSF was not paid for it, then there is no commercial relationship between lky/lsf which backs her claim of just doing personal favor to family; I assume she was not paid, else tribunal would have said so

    yet another, though minor, issue: I believe LSF did not draw up the will but re-used an old one done by LKY’s niece – LKY changed his will a no. of times, curious behaviour seen against his usual image; lee wei ling tried to make something of this, but who wrote the text was less significant than who managed signing & kept the signed will

  2. “Lee Hsien Loong’s wife said she looked forward to defending herself in open court”??

  3. about Lee Suet Fern: the 3 judges were very shrewd, covering backs on both sides; this explains lee suet fern’s mild reaction(her son, an egghead economics prof, was dense; his mom ought to get him straight) Oxley itself is occupied by lee wei ling, who will probably outlive both brothers; then what?

    • Yes on the case. It was a fair decision.
      On the house, part of LHY’s estate. Up to his heirs to fight any govt decision. Actually LHL had convinced LKY to let LHL’s children decide about the house. Then came LKY’s decision to return to first will.

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