Why Trump loves the Wuhan (Covid-19) virus

In China on 27/02/2020 at 4:07 pm

Google, Microsoft shift production from China faster due to virus

Nikkei Asian Review headline

The Nikkei Asian Review reports that the worsening coronavirus outbreak has Google and Microsoft accelerating their shifts in production of new phones, personal computers and other devices from China to Southeast Asia. Factories in Vietnam and Thailand are expected to be the biggest beneficiaries.

Apple is also doing the same.

While Trump would prefer them to move manufacturing back to the US of A, he’d settle for them leaving China.

All in all, the Wuhan virus is hastening not only US-China conspicuous decoupling, but also China’s links with other developed countries.

Note that the word “Covid-19” was added to the title on March 21 at 6.30 am. LOL.

  1. It’s been observed 1 month back that the US-China trade war had benefited major MNCs by having made them slightly more anti-fragile in terms of dependence on a single base of supply or manufacturing. Companies have had 1.5 years to relocate & restructure some (still not most) of their supply chains. This Wuhan virus will simply accelerate this process even more.

    However, the rapid global spread will eventually mean most if not all parts of the globe will be infected.

    Businesses’ hopes are now that WHO will declare Covid19 as simply another type of seasonal flu that we all need to just live with, i.e. endemic disease within human populations, & dial down the Dorscon & other health alerts, so that factories & offices can just re-open & go back to making money. LOL!

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