King’s snub to Tun is payback time

In Malaysia on 09/03/2020 at 6:13 am

After being reinstated as interim prime minister by the king, Mahathir seemed poised to form a new government that may have sidelined his designated successor Anwar Ibrahim. But then almost quickly, Mahathir and Anwar were once again united in an attempt to form a new government when UMNO ans PAS called for a GE.

But M’sia’s constitutional monarch, King Abdullah (whose role it is to invite a candidate to form a new government), declared that Mr Mujaheddin had the numbers, and would be sworn in as the country’s eighth prime minister.  This was done and the new appointment has been called a royal coup by the favourite ang moh newspaper of ang moh tua kees, PJ Thum and Kirsten Han (Remember them? Kirsten Han trying to defecate herself and PJ out of self-made crater)

Tun Mahathir has challenged Mujaheddin’s appointment and plans to try to bring the new government down once parliament meets again. But the problem is that the parliament won’t be meeting until mid May, giving Mujaheddin time to use his powers of patronage as PM to get the votes needed to secure his position.

Tun and gang have published a list of 114 MPs (the minimum necessary needed to secure a majority is 112) who gave him their statutory declarations promising him their votes. Mujaheddin hasn’t publicly announced such a list and the word in KL is that he doesn’t have the numbers

So king can’t count isit? Another Xia suay, like Tun who really had no good reason to resign.

Not really because as the BBC reports,

It is worth recalling too that Mr Mahathir has a history of conflict with Malaysia’s sultans, something that may have been a factor in the King’s choice.

Back in 1983 and 1993 he pressed for constitutional changes that imposed limits on royal power.

“In the earlier crisis the role of leading royal resistance to Mahathir was played by the then-Sultan of Pahang, the current king’s father,” says Clive Kessler at the University of New South Wales.

“Memories and resentments linger on and are not easily forgotten or set aside.”

(Pahang’s then sultan was king for five years during Tun’s reign and was king when Tun was king of the jungle.)

Obviously Tun never tried to mend fences with Pahang. He never really does with anybody.

The nearest Tun will get to giving an apology is illustrated by the following tale.

A benefactor and friend who got seriously rich during Tun’s tenure as PM but who fell into his bad books (Unfairly in friend’s view, but he would say that wouldn’t he?) during the 1998 financial crisis, once told me that after Tun retired, he was invited to a personal lunch by Tun who told him, “Let bygones be bygones.”. This to a man who had to endure investigations and other indignities, excluding the probability of losing most of his wealth.

Whatever, we recently spoke, and he told me that all the Malay leaders (Tun included) still call him a “friend”: meaning he’s still rich enough to be shaken down for donations.

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  1. the king’s attitude is easy to see, more mysterious is muhyiddin’s: he and azmin went to do deal with UMNO so that Mahathir no longer need PKR and cannot be forced to hand over to Anwar; I have no comment on whether he is a devious back stabber who seized an opportunity – assuming this, how did he manage to get azmin and others to go along?

    this provides the explanation: muhyiddin is believed to be offering to make Mahathir’s son mukhriz DPM; he knows Mahathir wants mukhriz to be PM; once everyone heard that was the real objective of all that scheming, the mood turned hostile to Mahathir, and najib found the way to do deal to take part in a new majority without mahathir

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