S’pore: Bottom of developed world

In Political economy, Political governance, Public Administration on 28/04/2020 at 4:28 am

We bottom of the class in the developed world when it comes to accountability. We Third world.

A one time PAP apologist and PAP poster boy, Prof Tommy Koh’s comment, “The way Singapore treats its foreign workers is not First World but Third World,” can be rephrased “The way the Singapore government treats its citizens is not First World but Third World.”

Think the tai chi over the Covid-19 cases among our FT workers living in PAP govt approved dorms. The PAP govt screwed up, denies it screwed up (Not even willing to say “It’s an honest mistake”), and we are in lockdown.


Why even with 4G donkeys, PAP will retain power

Is there really a better alternative to PAP 4G?

  1. will lhl admit his govt has mishandled very badly on the foreign worker policy in his may day message on 30/4 ?

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