Xia suay! Why want so many Indians?

In Uncategorized on 28/06/2020 at 4:49 am

“You Mama tua kee isit? You want S’pore to be like Fiji or Belize Suriname where Indian politicians rule the roost despite not being the majority ethnic race? Don’t know they wreck the countries isit?. Remember China beat the crap out of India recently. Kill so many Indians but Modi sat down and shut up. LOL.”

This happily was not the response of Kee Chiu when asked about the lack of prospective Indian candidates.

He responded by saying that the PAP had nine Indian candidates who served in the previous term of government, six of whom were officeholders.

“So the quality of our Indian candidates is very high,” he said. “We are confident that as a slate, our representation of the Indian community is above national average.”


Very diplomatic our Kee Chiu who once called HK’s CEO “Xia suay”.

He could have said undiplomatically, “Enough Indians. They already exceed their quota.”

  1. quite a few countries (both in asia and also in the west) would very much like this island city-state to be a majority ethnic-indian country.

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