White Privilege in the US same as Chinese Privilege here?

In Uncategorized on 30/06/2020 at 4:54 am

Here’s an extract from a very long letter a BBC correspondent based in New York City wrote to his newly born baby:

What I can tell you is that your pigmentation confers privilege. It grants you the presumption of innocence. It offers a large measure of protection if the car we’re driving in is pulled over by police. The strong likelihood is that you will live longer than a black baby born on the same night; earn more money for the same work; stand a better chance of completing your education and graduating from university.

What do you think? Do his sentiments apply here too vis-a-vis minorities especially the Malays.

Or that is it not true about the Indians (Remember an Indian now in self-exile in Oz claims copyright over the term “Chinese Privilege”).

Remember that the Indians here are so overrepresented among PAP MPs and ministers, that there are no Mama Indian PAP candidate MPs this time round: Xia suay! Why want so many Indians?

Rumour has it that a Mama Indian supremacist asked Minister Kee Chiu why there were no Indian PAP candidates.

  1. trump broke the bottle; now the racism genie is out and no one can put it back

    in SG, the bottle is intact for now; anyone who shakes it does not at his own peril

  2. assuming that mrs nick bryant is also caucasian ?

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