My GE2020 predictions

In Political governance on 08/07/2020 at 5:23 am

OK, OK, more like guesstimates and wishful thinking.

The Wankers will be reduced to Hougang. Bayee will have to shoulder the blame of losing Aljunied because moderate Chinese WP voters are wondering why they should support the Wankers after they fielded Ms Khan who shows no remorse about remarks about Chinese, Christians and the judiciary.

Yes she apologised, but only for hurting feelings, not for the underlying sentiments about Chinese, Christians and the judiciary. In the old days, pre Bayee, WP MP candidates were vetted to ensure that they were white sheets of paper, not colourful sheets of paper. The WP under Low was mindful of its public image as a respectable multiracial, albeit with a yellow flavour.

Bayee will resign as Sec-Gen and Dennis Tan will be the new Sec-Gen. Low has returned!

(Btw, even without Heng leading the PAP team, they’d lose East Coast. The Wankers are only wanking themselves if they really tot they could win East Coast. Even if Ivan Lim were the PAP’s lead candidate, the PAP would win. Fyi, I live juz outside the GRC: in Joo Chiat ward.)

Mad Dog will lose and he’ll go round biting everyone.

Lim Tean’s teams will all lose their deposits. As will Goh Meng Seng. This is wishful thinking rather than guesstimate.

S/o JBJ will finally balek UK. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He spent most of circuit breaker in the UK.

PSP will win the West Coast and Dr Paul win enter parly as an MP.

PAP will win anywhere between 65-70% of the popular vote. But many older votes (65 and above) will not be voting because of fears of catching Covid-19. The authorities have told them: “It is a valid reason to not vote because you are unwell.” There’s no mention of the need to produce an MC when applying to be reinstated as a voter.

Vote wisely to try to keep the PAP’s share of the vote about 60%: why 65% of the popular vote is so impt to the PAP. This is the only way to ensure we won’t have to Pay And Pay: .Why Pay And Pay govt wants elections earlier than later

  1. WP lose aljunied? if so, there will be major upheaval; the old r not happy about excluding four experience MPs: low 63, chen/png under 60, LLL 41, in an opaque process; the last CEC election was april 2018 so it’s overdue, presumably because of covid; we do not know to what extent the current leaders brought in new cadre members and how they would vote

    kirsten han, cherian george etc r now denying raeesha made any offensive statements; CG says:

    If you are confused about what Raeesah said vs what she didn’t, national media won’t help. This will.

    linking to KH’s article

    which only has vague description

    she reacted to a high-profile case of church leaders whose sentences were deemed inadequate, even by the PAP government. More recently, she questioned the racial and class-based double standards in the law enforcement of social distancing.

    so obviously the original words needed to be covered up; she apologized, but for what exactly?

  2. WP has become a English speaking party. If they lose Aljunied, it can be traced to them not attending the Chinese debate. Chinese votes taken for granted?

    Raeesahgate is a generational issue. The younger ppl feels its right and ok while the older feels that this smack of racism.

    The questions are are the Chinese speaking voting bloc still important? And which demographic bloc is bigger, old or young?

  3. the word is that many “ft”/pr are nervous about the outcomes of this local ge.

  4. 72%-78% for PAPies. Prepare for your feathers to be plucked. Hint: Own more income-producing capital.

    6.9M is assured. Probably by 2035.

    It’s the only way to ensure old HDB prices don’t collapse.

    PRs who can count will figure it’s still profitable to collect $2000-$2500 inflation-adjusted rentals on an old $450K 50-yr old HDB for another 40+ years.

    Focus will be on attracting & retaining higher-income FWs.

    Those on work permit & S-pass have been facing difficulties in renewing since 2012. A lot of turnover in these 2 groups over the last 7 years.

    PAPies don’t want low-wage foreigners to take root.

    • 78%? PAP used to achieve clean sweep with 75% even 70% of votes; in 2001 with terrorism frightening everyone to cling to papa, it was only 75%, no recovery of hougang

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