Covid-19: “Italian” virus not “Chinese” virus

In Uncategorized on 20/07/2020 at 5:17 am

Trump is wrong as usual. It’s not Kung flu from China, it’s Italian.

While the Wuhan virus really came from Wuhan, China, the problem is a mutation that came from Italy. It is now seen in as many as 97% of samples around the world. According to the BBC

the D614G variant is so dominant, it is now the pandemic


It even returned to China:

Whenever the two versions were in circulation at the same time, the new variant took over.


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  1. It’s confirmation of observations in New York cases back in late-Mar/Apr, in that majority of viral strain was from Europe.

    There is some speculation *1* of the possible factors for the bad scenario in Northern Italy is due to the larger extent of G6PD deficiency found in the population there (esp the older generation). It’s red blood cell related, and the virus may have latched onto this in its mutation. If so it may be some contributing factor why there’s the huge numbers of cardiovascular complications of infected patients, ranging from clotting to heart failures to strokes.

    Black Africans & various Indian ethnic groups also have larger % of G6PD deficiency. Besides the socioeconomic angle, maybe also *1* possible factor in their bad numbers.

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