Why PAP should make Lawrence Wong PM

In Political governance on 20/07/2020 at 1:48 pm

But first trumpets for me. Long before (two years ++ before last Saturday night) social media tot that Lawrence Wong is a good choice for the PAP to make PM, I had spotted him:

I had written:

Lawrence Wong is a throw smoke specialist, good enough to be PM after Heng’s one term in that post. You heard these predictions here first.

Lawrence Wong: a PM-in-waiting

Here’s another reason why the PAP should make him PM.

The PAP can say

If Lawrence can become a multi-millionaire, so can any ordinary non-elite S’porean.

PAP pamphlet in GE 2026 campaign

His parents are ordinary S’poreams. Father was a marketing executive while mother was a teacher in Haig Boys’ Primary School: an ordinary middle class Katong family.

He’s no elite school boy or a graduate from an elite university also. He went to Haig Boys’ Primary School, Tanjong Katong Secondary School and Victoria Junior College. Whoever heard of these shit house neighbourhood schools?

He then went to the University of Wisconsin–Madis (Bachelor of Science degree in Economics) and then obtained a Master of Arts degree in Economics at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. Not exactly Oxbridge or Ivy League? Juz ordinary, good universities.

He’s juz like most hard working S’poreans: studied at non-elite institution.

To be fair, he then finally went to an elite institution: Kennedy School of Government, Harvard. But this was rather late in life, after he had been talent spotted.

Btw, as he’s divorced and remarried, the PAP can boast that it’s no longer puritanical. Once upon a time, the PAP leadership frowned on divorces and it’s alleged that the PAP’s pit bull terrier was put in purgatory when he divorced. He could have been a minister earlier, it’s alleged.

  1. Ordinary marine parade family in HDB flat; sounds much more relatable. Katong family just sounds so upper middle class. Upper class, many sinkies would say.

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