Ang moh spends S$9,800 monthly on daughter’s therapy

In Financial competency, Financial planning on 20/08/2020 at 5:29 am

In Ang moh family of three spends S$1,170.44 on food in one week, I reported on an ang moh couple with one kid who spent S$1,170.44 on food and booze in one week. They ate out or had food delivered. This is a lot more than my mum, her maid and I spend on food (including hawkers’ food and fast food) in an average month.

They sure got a lot of money because they also spend S$9,800 monthly on their daughter’s therapy

Alex has been confirmed by the doctor to need some occupational therapy for a couple of conditions so that’s starting to sound expensive! We can put that off till next week to start looking around for a good one.

Occupational therapy will now add to the ABA therapy and speech therapy we already pay for Alex. Raising a child in Singapore is very expensive, especially when they have special needs and you’re a foreigner. We haven’t had to pay the ABA therapy bill during the week of this blog but that sets us back around Singapore $9,800 (£5,490) each month. We saved some during the circuit breaker because all sessions were remote.

It’s the dilemma of any parent whose child has suspected autism; do you hope it’s a phase and they’ll develop late or do you make a choice and invest in early intervention? Fortunately, we chose the latter and it turned out to be the right call. We are lucky that we are both employed in good jobs and salaries. We can afford it for now, but it’s massively impacting our ability to save for retirement. Luckily when she starts school that will actually be cheaper; we are looking forward to that.

Whatever life is really sweet, financially at least, for this expat family. Sorry that their daughter is autistic but then what the gods (or fate) give(s) away, they also take away.

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