Anti-PAP activists: Apologise to the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee

In Public Administration on 31/08/2020 at 5:08 am

Tidying up loose ends of GE2020 analysis.

Since the advent of social media and alt media the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee has been a favourite scapegoat for the Oppo’s failure to win more parliamentary seats:

Prof Tambyah, who is also chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party, had asked Mr Heng if there was a “good reason” that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) was not completely independent of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

“The election boundaries currently are decided by independent civil servants, but ultimately the reporting officer is somebody in the PMO,” he said.

ST ST 1 oct 2019

In reply

The committee that reviews electoral boundaries is independent and not politically motivated, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said …

To do the electoral boundaries properly, population, demographic and other changes have to be looked at, and this requires the views of independent experts, said Mr Heng, who is also Finance Minister.

ST 1 oct 2019

The PM in waiting would say that wouldn’t he, defending the PAP’s running dogs, the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee? Btw, apologies to dogs.

But then Cheng San was put (back?) into the East Coast GRC by the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee. When I learnt about this this, I went “Wow, PAP govt must think Cheng San Fengshan is now like Tanjong Pagar”. For the sia suays, in the last parliament, a Wanker NCMP came from Cheng San Fengshan .

And we now know that our PM in waiting did not win a clear mandate in the East Coast. And in the next GE, East Coast is in play if Cheng San Fengshan remains within the East Coast GRC.

Then there was the new Sengkang GRC. Although I didn’t realise before the GE that the PAP’s running dogs Electoral Boundaries Review Committee had made the new GRC a Wankers’ dream GRC

All in all the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee deserves an apology. Wrong to say they are running dogs of the PAP.

But maybe the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee made two honest mistakes.

  1. from 31/8/2020, how good or bad the local opposition mp are in the local parliament ?

  2. Maybe the EBRC already knew they wouldn’t be getting much, if any, bonuses or promotions during this Covid year? LOL!

  3. You mean Fengshan? Cheng San was part of Ang Mo Kio.

  4. the obvious conclusion is people overestimate gerrymandering; besides the two examples, PAP nearly lost West Coast, despite its reputation of being safe PAP seat, because Tan Cheng Bock led a strong team there, and got 2 NCMPs out of it, not bad for first attempt; a PRC friend said to me that PAP scraped thru only because of new citizens from China were heavily pro gov

    about Sengkang: loss of Sengkang in the 2020 election was due to its very poor handling of two events involving workers party candidates in that particular constituency: Jamus Lim’s much praised “we dont want to deny PAP a mandate, just not give it a blank cheque”, and the much more damaging Raeesah Khan 2018 social media comments.

    The first one is relatively easy to deal with: PAP should have said it has never sought a blank cheque, but always exercised power with restraint and prudence, yada yada yada … The second one is more subtle; first, one need to note that most voters have not carefully read what she wrote. It is necessary to repeat them and explain why these were wrong; for example, the City Harvest Church officials did not steal 50M and got off scot free: 6 of them went to jail, for varying periods of time, and the money they misdirected was restituted, so they did not “steal” the money in the sense of making it their own; second, once she apologized, PAP should have stopped dwelling on it; in fact, Ng Chee Meng might have helped himself greatly if he said to reporters “we should move on; she is young and inexperienced; let’s talk about what I will do for Sengkang; I have this that experience …” By harping on the matter like 2006 James Gomez case and 2012 Yaw Shing Leong case, PAP showed itself to be not learning from experience, and more generally, not knowing its own campaigning shortcomings

    more comments in

  5. Sengkang GRC was a gerrymandering blunder. They tried to stop WP from winning back Punggol East by merging it with other parts of Sengkang. The problem in that plan was that the Sengkang area as a whole has mostly younger voters – a demographic that PAP cannot count on as reliable support. The PAP’s initial loss in Punggol East had already showed its weakness in this region with the same demographic. In Sengkang GRC, the WP only had to persuade young families to support them. Contrast that with East Coast and Marine Parade GRCs where the WP candidates would have to win over a larger share of older voters if they intended to close the gap. The average Merdeka or Pioneer generation Singaporean is not very easy to persuade. On the other hand, a highly educated and younger population in Sengkang could be won over with just charismatic opposition candidates and ground engagement.

    It also helped that Lam Pin Min became very unpopular after banning the PMDs – the dude was a MP in Sengkang – an area where PMDs are commonly used by the younger electorate. This is a lesson for any politician. Don’t oppose your constituents’ even if you think they are wrong on an issue. The PAP also scored an own goal by moving Amrin Amin and Ng Chee Meng from Sembawang GRC and Pasir Ris-Punggol GRCs to Sengkang. The PAP trusted that these fresh faces of the 4G – both office holders – would have the pull factor to get votes and beat back the WP challenge in the first tough battle of their careers. The problem was that these two were from other GRCs and didn’t have a high profile as leaders. Charles Chong and Teo Ser Luck would have done better, had they stayed on.

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