S’porean: Having children detracts from the gd life

In Uncategorized on 01/11/2020 at 5:19 am

In Singapore the fertility rate the number of children that a woman can expect to have during her lifetime) is 1.14: way below the replacement rate of 2.1), and with people like Keith, it’ll remain that way.

From the Economist

[I]n wealthy Singapore, where contraception is easy to come by, young people who were already reluctant to start a family before the pandemic are even more so during a global recession. The government is trying to coax people into reproducing with a one-off grant of S$3,000 ($2,200) for having a child in the next two years on top of pre-existing payments and savings schemes. For Keith, even that doesn’t make up for the cost of becoming a father. “I know that me and my wife will have a very good time in the next 30, 40 years without kids,” the 36-year-old says. “Do we want to risk that?”

Instead of having kids, couples spend $ on pets. Smart of them. I’ve had dogs, don’t miss a partner and kids.

  1. are biracial individuals the same as having dual citizenship ? that is, one does not have to take a side, neutral on everything ?

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