Why humans will become extinct/ Being cruel to be kind

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We are doomed because we are getting to be real wimps, allowing the weak to survive, unlike our ancestors.

To save humanity from extinction bring bring back Genghis Khan, Mao, Stalin and Hitler.

A S’porean died shortly after LKY. He was met in the afterlife by a spirit and was offered a tour of the place after he was shown his HDB flat situated in a slum.

He was shown round the grand mansions and palaces of the leading residents and he asked to be taken to LKY’s mansion. He was brought to a shabby run down bungalow near his HDB flat. It was a bit like LKY’s Oxley house.

He expressed surprise as he said he tot that LKY deserved better.

The spirit told him “There’s not enough blood on his hands. By the standards of Genghis Khan, Mao, Stalin, George Bush, Churchill and Hitler, he’s a mediocrity.”

Btw, the S’porean found that in his block of flats, there were flats reserved for LHL and Goh Chok Tong.

  1. it is incorrect to say Genghis Khan, Stalin and Hitler killed off the weak to leave behind a stronger society; genghis usually killed the men and took the women/children as slaves; stalin killed thousands of military officers, leaving his army weak when hitler attacked; mao did not do slaughters, but sent youth to countryside & his bad economic management caused famines, which probably did select strong survivors like Xi & his friend Wang Qishan, and his purge sessions killed Liu Shaoqi but the tougher Deng Xiaoping survived

    your story imagined the afterlife under management of Temasek; but I believe these places are more likely to be under management of trump

  2. what about the ottoman empire and n.d. modi ?

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