Want to be happy in 2021? Use the objective list theory of well-being

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But first best wishes for 2021: Be happy, healthy and make money, or at least not lose it.

Now back to the objective list theory of well-being and how it can help you in 2021.

Whenever I hear someone advise or say, “Follow yr passion” when advising or talking about careers, I react like Goering:  “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun”.

How you know what you are passionate about is a passion that will last, not a one-night stand.

The objective list theory of well-being by Christopher Rice should help you identify if it’s yr passion, a one-night stand, a passing interest or an infatuation.

The objective list theory of well-being says “that having many and diverse basic objective goods benefit us. These can include goods such as loving relationships, meaningful knowledge, autonomy, achievement, and pleasure.”

The objective list theory “is pluralistic (it does not identify an underlying feature shared by these goods) and objective (the basic goods benefit people independently of their reactive attitudes toward them).”

“Take time to assess what you personally need for you to develop yr potential”(Vampires need fresh human blood), “use rich vocabulary to be as specific as possible, extra detail will help reveal which new roles could help talk to people, and read widely, to learn what roles would provide achievement, meaningful knowledge, or altruistic wellbeing. Observe other people who probably faced the same challenge, what solutions have they found, and could any apply to you?”

(The above quotes are from an FT article written by Jonathan Black, director of the University of Oxford’s careers service, and FT columnist.”

But always remember, “Money doesn’t talk, it swears”, Bob Dylan said. Money talks, BS walks.

Have a good 2021: Make money, be happy and healthy. Or try to.

Remember: We propose, God disposes. Here’s part of a stoic prayer to Zeus (King of the gods in Greek mythology). Christians, Hidoos, Moslems etc can substitute their deity.

Lead me on, O Zeus, and thou Destiny,
To that goal long ago to me assigned.
I’ll follow readily but if my will prove weak;
Wretched as I am, I must follow still.
Fate guides the willing, but drags the unwilling.

Part of the Hymn to Zeus by Cleanthes


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