Want to save the planet? Don’t take a mortgage

In Banks, Corporate governance, Energy, Environment on 03/01/2021 at 5:06 am

The environmental kay pohs KPKB that banks are complicit in global warming by financing fossil fuel companies.

Interestingly, Dutch bank ABN Amro says its mortgage book causes more greenhouse gas emissions than its lending to mining or industrial companies.

Part of an on-going series that ESG investing in marketing BS.

  1. It’s pretty common knowledge that modern high-rise construction with concrete, steel & glass is one of the most polluting activities on earth. Not just the actual construction but also what needed to be done to obtain the raw building materials.

  2. their data r probably correct, but the error lies in not comparing with alternatives: if the house buyers rent instead, would there be less carbon? I doubt it; scientifically, they might buy something bigger than what they rented before, so might cause more carbon, but again, u cant assume they wont rent bigger houses next time

    people need to consider ways in which they might be wrong before propounding great theories; some theories r ok for chatting over lunch; u have more freedom then

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