Kung Flu makes China Great Again

In China on 19/02/2021 at 4:36 am

Readers may not be aware but in the 18th century China was the world’s leading economic power. Then British traders bot Indian opium and sold it to the Chinese.

Thanks to the Wuhan virus, it’s King of the World again in 2020.

  1. british sold opium to china to buy tea, but it also grew tea in india & ceylon, eventually making it unnecessary to buy china tea

    long before UK lost singapore/malaya to japan, it stopped being technologically & economically inventive like it was a century earlier; in fact, it was UK that trained Japanese aircraft carrier builders & fighting staff after WW1, UK negotiated Munich agreement

  2. Let $$$$$$ do the talking.

    Year-to-date China & India are ahead of US.

    Continuing to monitor as I’ve got large stakes in all 3.

    S’pore stocks still pretty pathetic.

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