PAP’s govt Covid-19 relief measures are third world not first world

In Public Administration on 08/03/2021 at 5:05 am

Going by what Heng said in his Budget statement, you’d think that our spending would be Swiss-standard. Well the spending is not. And other developed countries are spending a lot more than the Swiss.

Ain’t it funny that our five part-time PAP mayors are each paid more than the full time mayor of London, a global city, while us plebs don’t get first world Covid-19 help. Not that I personally need any help. But life is hard for many.

  1. u cant compare with usa – fed prints money to keep stock market up; most of the money ends up being exported to import goods (from mexico etc – china not so much as before), which is called “trade deficit”; u cant export singapore $ to get goods; not enough takers

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