Why did Harry and Meghan bare their fangs?

In Uncategorized on 10/03/2021 at 5:51 am

OR is it their “souls”? And play the race (very toxic and very woke) and mental health (very woke) cards?

This chart says it all: it’s all about ratings

The improvement in their ratings is “peanuts”. But they had to stop the decline. Harry’s ratings was about to go -ve, while wifey’s rating was already in deep trouble. So they went nuclear.

If they think they can hurt the British royals, they should remember that even the people’s princess, Harry’s mum, could not seriously damage the British royal family.

And look what happened to her. Died in a car crash while trying to avoid photographers. The driver – Henri Paul – had been drinking and the car had faulty brakes. Btw, her boy friend’s father signed off on the car and driver, not MI6. And his son was his favourite child.

God’s a fan of the Queen and her family and these two whining white horses should remember that fact.

Btw, can’t stop laughing that Harry and wife wanted to do their own thing but are now moaning that Harry is not getting $ from his family to support their life style. Reminds me of my tai tai friend: wants to live her own life but still expects her estranged ATM to keep on funding her and KPKBs when ex says “No more”. Tai tai’s luck runs out, heading for Woodbridge? and Tai tai forgot this.

  1. from super bitch to victim in one easy chart. Lol!

  2. any publicity is good publicity

    but the easy strikes Meghan scored showed british monarchy cannot cope with modern conditions; its selt perceived role as model british family has failed badly – it is indeed a typical british family with all its problems, but worse because of publicity which ordinary british families do not have; it need to remake itself, into something like the scandinavian monarchies, who actually live like ordinary citizens, doing the minimum necessary and do it in a low key fashion

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